Friday, May 29, 2009


Piggy is going to say I am childish again by blogging about Macarons. This time is different! I swear! I had to blog! My sister came home today with a super big packet of Macarons!!! Guess how much it cost?? It cost $14++ for twelve fat and chewy Macarons!!!!!!! Which means 1 Macaron is only $1.20!! It is just damn cheap!!!! Macarons brought from Canele or Bakerz Inn cost around $1.80 to $2++ each! And these Macarons taste a lot better! She got the Macarons from Tangs. A packet of 10 Macaron of the same flavour cost $10. $1 for one. If you like to pick and mix the flavours, it will cost $1.2o each, it is still cheap! Heard from my sister they were selling like hotcakes. I got to go down to Tangs one day and see for myself! I could not believe it!!!!! I just loveee Macaronssssss!

Didn't manage to go Timbre today, Serene and I were there late as we were busy shopping! LOL! We reached there about 8plus and there was already a long queue! We waited for 1 hour and we gave up! We were hungry and hot and I was feeling really itchy(there were plenty of red ants and mosquitoes around). More people came to join the queue however no one was leaving! I waited patiently though, Serene was getting real impatient and we decided to leave the place. We went to curry favour instead. I shall upload the photos again tomorrow as I am feeling really tired now!! o_OZzz Bye now!

I can't wait to see Piggy tomorrow! :D Shall decide where to go tomorrow as Piggy is busy working's month end and he has plenty of stuff to clear up! kambate Piggy!

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