Sunday, May 3, 2009

Holland Village. Cha Cha Cha. Cold Rock. Wala Wala

Had a great time at Holland Village with my best best secondary school buddy, Serene yesterday!
It has been a long time since we had such fun together! Really missed the school days. Serene was transferred from another school and I didn't have any friends then. Perhaps of my curry puff hair and innocent face. Yes, curry puff. My classmates used to call me that. It was my mummy actually who liked to comb my hair that way. I didn't think It was strange or funny then, I actually loved my hair. Haha! And didn't changed my hair style till later! Perhaps that is why my classmates loved to bully me! Me and Serene sat together in the class and we became best friends! We went for recess together, played together, went to each other's houses and talked on the phone all the time. Serene was really kind or can I say stupid to be my friend! Haha!
Serene, let's meet up again shall we?? :D

CHA CHA CHA Mexican restaurant at Holland Village.


My secondary school best buddy, Serene

Corn Chips

Spicy Cheese Sauce

Corn Totillas with shredded beef filling and cheese, I didn't
really like it as it was too meaty. It will be good if there were some salad to go along with.

Hard Taco with Chicken filling, this really good, I love the crispy Taco and the
delicious filling of chicken, tomato, cheese and lettuce.

Cold Rock Ice Creamery Cafe
You get to choose the flavour of the ice-cream and topping and they will mix it for you.

Different kinds of toppings to choose from and I chose Maltesers!

Mixing my bubblegum ice-cream and Maltesers topping!

Tata! My yummy bubblegum and Maltesers ice cream! I love it!

Camwhoring time!

Great chicken wings, drinks and music!

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  1. I LOVE your old school story! heh...
    You missed out one of our activities,in fact the first to start off...KTV!! :p