Monday, May 25, 2009

Insomnia. Stress. Anxiety

Couldn't sleep whole of last night and woke up in the morning with head feeling heavy, listless and lethargic and was a day off from work. This is not the first time I am feeling this way, actually for months. I am having really bad insomnia and it really affects my work and mood the very next day. Why is this so?? I believe I am under some kind of stress, from work perhaps! I am getting occasionally headaches, heart palpitation and gastric problems. Many times I feel I need to do something, however my workload seems to be lesser now, yet I am still getting insomnia. The anxiety I am having had accumulated over the years when I first started off working as a pre-school teacher in one of the neighborhood schools till now. Piggy once told me every job is stressful, I agreed, however the stress I am having seems to be a little too much for me to cope.
Hopfully it is just a phase I am going through and will be alright soon! =X

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