Friday, May 29, 2009


Piggy is going to say I am childish again by blogging about Macarons. This time is different! I swear! I had to blog! My sister came home today with a super big packet of Macarons!!! Guess how much it cost?? It cost $14++ for twelve fat and chewy Macarons!!!!!!! Which means 1 Macaron is only $1.20!! It is just damn cheap!!!! Macarons brought from Canele or Bakerz Inn cost around $1.80 to $2++ each! And these Macarons taste a lot better! She got the Macarons from Tangs. A packet of 10 Macaron of the same flavour cost $10. $1 for one. If you like to pick and mix the flavours, it will cost $1.2o each, it is still cheap! Heard from my sister they were selling like hotcakes. I got to go down to Tangs one day and see for myself! I could not believe it!!!!! I just loveee Macaronssssss!

Didn't manage to go Timbre today, Serene and I were there late as we were busy shopping! LOL! We reached there about 8plus and there was already a long queue! We waited for 1 hour and we gave up! We were hungry and hot and I was feeling really itchy(there were plenty of red ants and mosquitoes around). More people came to join the queue however no one was leaving! I waited patiently though, Serene was getting real impatient and we decided to leave the place. We went to curry favour instead. I shall upload the photos again tomorrow as I am feeling really tired now!! o_OZzz Bye now!

I can't wait to see Piggy tomorrow! :D Shall decide where to go tomorrow as Piggy is busy working's month end and he has plenty of stuff to clear up! kambate Piggy!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Woman's Talk

I felt rejuvenated after a whole 2 and a half hours of pampering at Women's Talk!
It was a last minute decision, I was suppose to meet Joanna, however I thinking my nails really need a makeover, I decided to go for a pedicure!! My toe nails are really brittle and crack easily. So I booked an appointment with them for a pedicure at first. I had a package with a balance of 5 manicure and a foot wax which I sign up two months ago. When I got there, I decided to sign up for another manicure package. Doing pedi and manicure can be really addictive!! The pedi and manicure consists of a scrub, scrap, massage, trimming of cuticles, filing, two nail art and nail polish. I really enjoyed the massage and scrub.
Since I had a foot wax and now, a hand wax after signing up the manicure package, I decided to do a foot and hand wax. My hands and feet felt really smooth after that! I am looking foward to another pedi and manicure session!! Who wants to go with me??

Do you know Manicure is derived from the Latin words manus called Formation of the nails?

Television! You get to choose what shows or movies you like to watch.

A huge variety of nail art designs to choose from!

Big and comfortable armchairs

Decided to take a photo of myself while waiting to paint my nails.

Finally! My lovely done nails. I love my nails!

Special shoes to massage and warm your feet while doing feet wax.
They had one for hands too!

Tata! My beautiful toe nails after pedicure. Say bye bye to brittle nails! =))

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to work !

After resting at home for 2 days, I am back to work! I woke up with the lethargic feeling once again. Didn't sleep well again last night, however was a lot better compared to the past two days. When I reached my work place, I was back on track and feeling enthusiastic about my work once again. Wouldn't it be great if I have a couple more days to rest?! hee.. :D I am daydreaming again! Sigh.

Went shopping at Jurong Point with Joanna after work and brought a new dress and a top! Great singapore sale is now on!! Wee! We planned to go shopping again tomorrow after work! I can't wait to go to work tomorrow!
I am eyeing on a keyboard now. Hope to get one next month! Piggy let's go shopping for a keyboard next week! :D

Oh yes, I will also be meeting Serene this coming Friday!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Insomnia. Stress. Anxiety

Couldn't sleep whole of last night and woke up in the morning with head feeling heavy, listless and lethargic and was a day off from work. This is not the first time I am feeling this way, actually for months. I am having really bad insomnia and it really affects my work and mood the very next day. Why is this so?? I believe I am under some kind of stress, from work perhaps! I am getting occasionally headaches, heart palpitation and gastric problems. Many times I feel I need to do something, however my workload seems to be lesser now, yet I am still getting insomnia. The anxiety I am having had accumulated over the years when I first started off working as a pre-school teacher in one of the neighborhood schools till now. Piggy once told me every job is stressful, I agreed, however the stress I am having seems to be a little too much for me to cope.
Hopfully it is just a phase I am going through and will be alright soon! =X

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday dad! I love you! Hope you are happy on this very special day and I hope you
can be happy always! :D


Piggy and I went to town to look for a birthday present for my dad and found this new lovely restaurant in Paragon, COVA, an Italian restaurant that serve mainly pastries, steak and other dishes. I couldn't resist the pretty beautiful decor, great ambiance and pretty pastries that I suggested we should go in for some pastries after dinner and Piggy agreed without hestitation! <3 Piggy.

I loved the beautiful decor especially the ceiling lights.

Delicious walnut cake that melts in your mouth!

Pretty pastries!

Piggy drinking latte.

Yummy chocolates and lovely gifts.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dior in Lolita Costume

Pet society has Lolita clothing for this week's special!
Here is my pet, Dior, in her Lolita costume. I love the pretty black Lolita Dress.
She looked even more adorable now.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Sims™ 3 Pre-Order & Launch Party

There is a Sims3 Pre-order and launch party at ILUMA Bugis on 2nd of June! Sims3 collector's Edition at $74.90 and standard Edition at $56.90. Pre-order now and you receive an exclusive sports car download and Sims2 expansion pack of your choice. First 600 game redemptions will also receive an exlcusive The Sims3 T-shirt!!
I am really tempted to buy however am afraid my laptop is unable to support. :( I want to play Sims3! I can't wait!

The Sims™ 3 Pre-Order & Launch Party


One of my favourite drink, CALPIS!
Fermented milk drink, taste a little like Yakult. It is love <3

Vivocity with Piggy

At Thai Express

Piggy busy with his iphone again.

Yummy Thai Wings, a little too oily though.

At National Geographic



The Freezing Chamber, $1 per entry to try out your winter clothing.
They adjust the temperature accordingly to the country you will be visiting.

Loads of lovely candles for sale. Did I say I have a collection of more than 50 candles, holders and burners at home?
I simply can't resist them! Every one of them looked so pretty and I just love the fragrance.
I actually displayed them in my room and not lighting them up as candles can kill! If you like to light up candles in your house, avoid putting them on top of your televisions, wall, curtains or papers. Most of out candles are made from paraffin wax, burning candles in air-conditional rooms can release toxic during burning but that doesn't bother me at all. I love them too much! :D

Yipee! Next Friday is a school holiday and I need not go to work!! :D I can't wait for Friday to come!

I wonder what new items will be in store tomorrow for pet society.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cathy Glass

Was browsing books at the book store when I came across this book, Cut.
A heartwarming story of a young girl who has a terrible childhood, rejected by her parents and left to fend for herself, then subjected to violent treatment by her relatives then soon realizes that her worst enemy is herself.

I really admire Cathy Glass's strength, patience ,courage and enthusiasm. She is an author and foster carer. She has been a foster carer for over 20 years and looked after more than 50 children! She begin writing the books to highlight the plight of vulnerable children and hopefully to improve the system.

As an educator myself, I have never work with foster kids before and does not know how it feels like being one. Working with children is tough, working with foster kids is even tougher? I am sure I will need a lot of courage, strength, patience and tolerence. I really take my hat off her!
Cathy Glass's stories are really inspiring and made me even more want to make a difference in every child's life and help children in need whenever I can.

Other heartwarming stories by Cathy Glass:
The saddest Girl in the World


Strawberry and Cream strudel
This is one of my favorite!

Durian strudel

An apple strudel once in a while keeps the bad moods away! I am really glad that one of our kind student's parent sent us some Ritz's strudels today. No more grumpy faces on a tiring Wednesday! Yummylicious!

I miss my piggy

I can't wait to go to the bbq gathering with my colleagues on next Friday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New D-plus natural yeast bread

This is really good I tell you!! My mum brought this from a nearby minimart for our breakfast today. Want to know how good it is? My sister ate it and immediately went to purchase another! This claimed using Japan ingredients and made in Singapore bread actually taste better then province's! If you like province's you got to try this!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

What a great dinner we had at Swissotel Merchant Court Ellenborough Market!
My tummy is really bloated now as I guess I ate too many deserts! I simply loved deserts!
I didn't eat much though as my tummy wasn't feeling quite well, however my sis, Kim really enjoyed herself, she couldn't stopped gorging down the shark fin soup. Guess how many bowls she had?? EIGHT! We didn't manage to take many pictures. You know why, she was too busy stuffing her face.

Overall the food was alright, I recommend the durian puree, oysters, crayfish and shark fin soup, the rest of the food wasn't that fantastic and there were only like 6 stations? I expected more variety of food.

I really like chocholate fondue. Sadly there wasn't any strawberries! They only had mashmallows, grapes, starfruit and other tropical fruits. There wasn't many deserts to choose from but it doesn't bother me as long as there are deserts!

I hope my mummy enjoyed her Mother's Day dinner! Happy Mother's Day mummy! I love you!
Salmon, Crayfish and Frog's leg.

Oysters, Scallops, Mussels and Prawns

Shark Fin soup that my sister gorged down eight bowls.

Durian Puree

Chocolate Fondue

Creme bulee, bread pudding, durian puff, white chocolate mousse, durian cheesecake.

I know my muma and dad looked fat in these pictures as their mouth
were all stuffed with food!

My trying hard to act hot sister, Kim.

We brought Peanut along. It was my sister's idea! The hotel didn't allowed dogs in their premises and we nearly got to go home! Luckily the manager was kind enough to let us in, we were given a special place outside the restaurant.
Actually my sister had called the hotel to checked if dogs are allowed and they said yes and we were be given a special sitting, however when we got there, the hotel manager said no! We had a long discussion and finally he agreed. Phew! Hopefully we didn't get him into trouble!

Peanut taking a walk at Singapore River after dinner.
He was really happy and excited! :)