Sunday, June 28, 2009

Marina Barrage

Went to Marina Barrage with Piggy yesterday. The place was great, nice breeze, an open area for kites flying, picnic and sea view. It was pretty crowded with mainly families and tourists. Actually there wasn't many attractions, a fountain with children playing, gallery, cafe and restaurant however it is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city even though it is in the heart of the city. From the open field area, we could see skyscrapers and sea from far, jets zooming pass as they the stadium is nearby and they are rehearsing for NDP. We could even see Chinooks flying pass with the Singapore flag. We took a stroll along the dam and the open field. The purpose of the dam is to create a freshwater reservoir to provide water supply. It is to alleviate flooding of low lying areas in the city as well. It is also ideal for water activites such as dragonboating.
The sustainable singapore gallery showcases Singapore's efforts towards enviromental sustainability. There is a barrage model demostrating how the Marina Barrage works. We were there late and we miss the introduction to the barrage model. The gallery was pretty interesting and worth visiting.
7th Storey restaurant is the only restaurant there. The serve steamboat and some other food such as crabs, chicken, veggies etc. They have indoor and outing sitting. The outdoor sitting has nice sea view. Not sure how is the food however the price is exorbitant. Currently they are having DBS 1 for 1 promotion right now however with a min of 4 pax. We went suntec city Crsytal Jade for dinner instead. We had a good dinner. Piggy agreed we go for a picnic and kite flying one of the days. Overall the place was pretty good, just go there with an open mind.
Remember sunblock and shades if going in the afternoon, it can be quite sunny!

I am so so so tired after a whole day of photoshooting for my sis's new blogshop. I will try to put up the pictures and link when it is done and I am free!

In Piggy's car on the way to Marina Barrage!

Piggy driving

Kites flying in the blue blue sky

Information counter

Beautiful fountain at the entrance


Isn't he adorable?

Open field

Love the grass under the sun

Piggy trying hard to act cool! LOL!

Chinook and Singapore flag

Solar park with solar panels

Solar so good!

Fountain with kids playing

Inside the Sustainable gallery

Plastic bottles!

Barrage model

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dogs Day Out in the Park

For all dog lovers out there! There will be a dog carnival on this coming Sunday at West Coast Park!!! It is free admission and the first 300 to register takes home a "doggie bag" fill with goodies inside!! OMG. My dog will definitely love it. Love the goodies I mean and not the carnival. LOL! They also have a 1km-jog-a-walk, dog perfomances, competitions, products on sale and free PHOTOSHOOT! My dog is not very sociable. Usually when we bring it out for a walk or to the dog run, it tends to cling to us. As it is afraid of getting lost. He doesn't seems to be interested in other dogs from what I observed. He doesn't play with them at all! He simply just sniff them that's all, especially their bottoms. Haha. Basically he thinks he is a human being. Doesn't make sense when he socializes with other dogs right? Anyway I so want to bring my dog for this carnival however I might have something on that day. Sigh. I actually asked Piggy to bring his Bebe along and I bring peanut along and we will have lots of fun! However, you know Pigs don't wake up early.

Date 28th June 2009, Sunday
Time 8am to 5pm
Venue West Coast Park - Grand Lawn Area 3

The haunted house

Good and bad news.

Good news! I can play my Sims3 now!! Finally! My kind sis allowed me to play it on her lappie. The only problem is now, the people I invited doesn't seem to leave my house! Why is that so???? I tried to ask them to leave, shoo them and even scared them but it doesn't seem to work! The people walked in and out of my house as they like! What horrifying was, one of them actually died in the house!! It was an old lady. She stood in the kitchen for whole of 5 days before she died. This is not the worst. She came back. Her soul actually came back! It was pink in colour and translucent. She move freely in the house and my furnitures actually moved by itself. I told Piggy and he actually laughed at me. :( He said the house is haunted... -_-" Has this happened to anyone before??? Any solutions?? How can I stopped her from coming back into the house?? The game is not fun anymore.. it is scary!
On the whole the game is pretty alright. It will be good if there are more variety of furnitures and stuff.

Here comes the bad news, the world greatest rockstar Michael Jackson is dead. He died of cardiac arrest. What a pity. I am not a great fan of him but his songs had touch many people's heart. I can say he is also the world's best dancer! Michael Jackson you will always be remembered. R.I.P

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My phone is dead

My Sony Ericsson W910i which was given me from Piggy was dead. DEAD! The sliding screws came off a couple of months ago and now the buttons doesn't work anymore!! :( I called up Sony Ericsson service centre and the repairing cos more than $80+ just to fix the screws not including the buttons. I guess I had to get a new phone. I am not going to pay that kind of money just to fix an old phone. Sigh. Currently I am using my sis's old Nokia phone. I didn't like it at all. I want a new phone!! What depressing was I couldn't get back all my contacts! I had set a security code to my phone and the buttons were faulty and I couldn't get to the main page. How stupid can i get?? The reason why I did that was I am always losing my phone. I lost a phone on a taxi once! To prevent them from using my phone I decided to set a sercurity code to it. Am I clever or stupid? Actually I wanted to get a new phone right away. I really like iphone. I had check out the new N97, however didn't like it as it makes too much noise when you slide the keypad. I still prefer iphone. Piggy suggested me to buy when the new iphone is out. It will be out somewhere in July! The old iphone price will most probably reduce when the new iphone is out. So I am waiting really patiently. So old or new iphone? I am in dilemma right now. The new iphone speed is faster and and has new video functions.
It really has to depend on my budget now as I didn't mention my wisdom tooth extraction cost me $800++??? Luckily I had mediasave which help to cover part of the fee and Piggy had helped me to foot the bill first. Piggy is so sweeet. Muacks!

Did I mention my parents are back from Shanghai? Yes they were away for an eight day tour to Shanghai with the host "Zhou Cong Qing". I got to do the chores and settle my own meals for 8 days! I was really moody. LOL! I am so so so glad they are back now! I really missed them a lot. It is really great to have them around as I don't have to worry about anything at home when I am at work. Now I know how difficult it is to make sure everything is running smoothly at home!
My parents bought two mini iphones back from China. They were for my cousins and they were damn cute!! Each of them comes along with a mini black iphone pouch. Really nice. They were not authentic and spoils easily though, that was what Piggy told me. However it is really cutee! Each of them cost only $130! Freaking cheap right? The model is m888a, comes with 2.4 inch display, VGA camera with 1.3 megapixel and 8GB. It also comes in colours, red, white and pink!! You can actually purchase this online however it cost a bit more.

I can't wait for the new iphone to launched! :D

m88a mini iphone

Monday, June 22, 2009

I extracted my wisdom tooth!

Went to the dentist on Saturday to extract both my upper and lower wisdom tooth. It was a bad experience though it is not my first time doing an extraction and the doctor is skilled and gentle. Luckily I had Piggy with me and I felt slightly better. Love you Piggy!
I had to do a minor surgery for my lower wisdom tooth as my tooth was half buried in the gum. :( The upper wisdom need no surgery but normal extraction. They first took a x-ray of my lower wisdom tooth to make sure it is safe to extract and explained the procedure to me. Luckily the tooth was not near the nerves and I do not have to see an oral surgeon! Seeing an oral surgeon cost a bomb and might need general anesthesia. Why it is unsafe to do extraction when the lower wisdom tooth is near the nerves? As it might affect your nerves and cause numbing to your lips! It might also cause infection to your sinus if your upper wisdom tooth is near to the nerves as well. Scary isn't it?
Before they started the surgery they first sprayed something onto my gum for the anesthesia. I had a total of 7 vaccinations! My mouth is damn swollen now! I had 3 for the lower and 2 for the upper and another 2 during the surgery as it is causing me some pain. The needle actually go through your gum. The needle was bent when it came out of my mouth!
Next they exposed my gum with a tool, not sure how it is done and drill the tooth to make it smaller. They later crack my tooth into half. I can actually hear the "crack" sound. It was really horrible. They pushed my tooth out after that, piece by piece as it was broken into four pieces! Some square sponges was being inserted into the wound and sew up after that. Next they extracted my upper wisdom tooth by pulling it out. It didn't take too long and the whole procedure was done. I was given some medicine, gauze, mouth wash and four days of mc! I felt much more better thinking I will be staying home the next few days! I am glad it is finally over! The wisdom tooth had been bothering me for a really long time! I am still having the swell hopefully it will subside soon. I can't take any food that is hard too. Brushing my teeth and talking is a problem. I got to go back to the dentist two weeks later to have my sitches removed and get another filling. Sigh!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mad about Durians

It is the durian season again. We were eating at the coffee shop when we saw lots of people queueing near the durian stall holding a basket in their hands. We heard people shouting"Ji Ka" meaning ten cents in Hokkien. The durians were selling at 10 cents each. Yes. 10 cents, however limited to maximum ten durians each person. It was really really cheap!!!! Personally I don't really like durians.I had a violent diahhrea after eating too many durians when I was young! Since then, I dare not touch another durian!
The "10 cents per durian" promotion started yesterday. From 6pm to 7pm. Tomorrow will be the last day.
PS: Beware of flying and rolling durians.

Joanna and Selene getting ready to grab the durians.
Joanna almost killed someone by throwing a durian into a basket!

Grabbing the durians

Everyone grabbing lots of durians.

Finally after half an hour of hard work, Our durians!

What a crazy day!

Inside of the durian
According to my sister the durians were delicious and she ate 3 at one go!