Monday, August 31, 2009

Waraku with Rila and kkuma

Meet up Sam and the rest for dinner at Waraku yesterday. Wasn't really looking forward to the dinner as I had too much of Japanese food this month. Though my poor tummy is protesting, I had fun >.<

My first Rilakkuma toy, kkuma. Got it from the arcade. We spent $20 trying to fish it out from the claw machine. Samantha had one too, she spent only $10!! How lucky was she?

Me with kkuma

Samantha with her Rila.

Samantha all dressed up in black.

Me dressed up in all Korean that day. Love my loots from Zipia!
Shoes from Mphosis.

Some random shots with Rila and kkuma cause they were too cute!

Stephanie and I

The girls, Sandy, Stephanie and Samantha.
The three "s".

kkuma and Rila.

My favourite Agedeshi Tofu!

Samantha's Katsu set.

Fried mini prawns.
They were really crispy!

Samantha and I

My Sukiyaki Udon set.

Kushin Bo with Colleagues

Second time time at Kushin Bo this month. It was Teacher's Day and our principal had kindly gave all of us a treat at Kushin Bo! This time, at Jurong Point instead of Suntec City. Suntec City Kushin Bo seems to be bigger however food at Jurong Point seems to be better! Special dish of the night was Lobster with cheese!! We didn't manage to eat it as it was all gone by the time it reached us. I didn't post photos of food this time as I had posted loads in the previous post with Piggy. I had posted just one photo. Yeah, just one.

Camwhoring in car on the way to Jurong Point
Had used this photo for my new profile photo.

Chelsea, my colleague's kristy super adorable baby.
Love her smile.

All time camwhoring best buddy, Joanna

Takoyaki. There isn't or I didn't notice this at Suntec City outlet.

Group photo for the first table

The second table. The second one on the left is my best class partner, Lu Lao Shi.
I really enjoyed working with her. Best partner I ever had.

Another photo with Zhang Lao shi, Joanna, Karina and me.

How do you like my pose? Cool?

The work, shopping and of course KTV buddies.

Selene just did Lasik. She need no glasses.

Our typical model or air stewardess pose! LOL
She was an air stewardess by the way.

One last photo, just me.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kushin Bo with Piggy

Went Kushin Bo with Piggy yesterday for dinner at Suntec City. Had made reservation way before Saturday as it was always pack on weekends. When we got there, there was a long queue. We were glad we made reservation! We went in and started gorging ourselves on the food! Looking at all the delicious food there, we decided to try everything! There wasn't a huge variety of food however I really like the desert section! They had all my favourite deserts! By the way, I will be going there again on next Wednesday with my colleagues! I can't wait!

Seafood Paper Steamboat, which is the nabe.

Teppanyaki chicken and beef.
We really love this!

Snow crab and prawns. Piggy really love the snow crab!

Piggy cutting open the crab. He is really good at this!

Ta-ta! Fresh and juicy snow crab leg!

Yakitori and Unagi

Assorted sushi

My Pig

Piggy and his favourite drink coke light.

Macha ice cream with loads of chocolate rice topping.
I love all ice cream with chocolate rice topping!

My favourite chocolate fondue with marshmallows and strawberries!!

Special dish of the night. Bamboo Clam
It is really chewy.

My favorite part of the dinner.
Chocolate mousse, oreo cheesecake, macha mochi, coronet and fondue.

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3, with my chocolate fondue

Take 4, peace!

And Take 5!

Frozen strawberries, another special desert of the night.

Peanut mochi. Piggy ate 4 of these! Piggy watch out for your belly! Hee.