Friday, May 1, 2009

Dinner with Mummy and Daddy

Had dinner with my mummy and daddy at IMM just now. We went to "Wan Zhai", a HongKong restaurant. They have a variety of food, from noodles to baked rice. They have some really great snacks and deserts as well.

Actually I don't really fancy HongKong restaurant food,I prefer Japanese, Chinese and Western food, however there is a HongKong restaurant called Kim Gary located at Vivocity and Tampines 1, which I think has the best food.I recommend their spicy porkchop noodles, mushroom with cheese sauce,grilled beef and french fries.

Zha Jiang Gong Zai noodles and my favorite soya bean drink!

Wanton Soup

Baked curry rice with chicken of us! :D

My beautiful Mummy

My handsome Daddy

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