Monday, March 30, 2009

I am going to Thailand!!!!!

I waited for four freaking months for my leave to arrive to go to Thailand! This time I am going on my birthday! :D I can't wait for the day to come! My last visit to Thailand was last year. I am glad we are going there again this year! I love the food and massage over there. I love to shop and do manicure even more there. Manicure cost only S$4!!! Pedicure cost the same. Cheap right?? We are going back to our usual hotel and hangout places again. I am sooo excited! Gee..

I just went to get Conz snack from the supermarket. They were out of stock????? :( I got magnum ice-cream instead.. they were selling 1 for 1 at 7-eleven! Yummmmmyyyyyy!
I went Aries to get some accssories and they were having a promotion of 20% off for those who is having their birthdays in March and April! That's me! :D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catching up..

Had a great time catching up with my dear friends Serene and Yiying at cityhall yesterday. We had a sumptuous meal at Shokudo in Raffles City Mall and went Gelare for ice cream after that. One of my favourite ice cream cafe! At that point of time all my stress from work seems to disappear! Girls!! When are we going shopping again??

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I just love junk.

As usual I went to the supermarket to get some snacks after work. I found this new CONZ snack. They were really good!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I got a new lappie!

Recently just brought a new Acer Aspire One lappie from the IT fair. It is a mini notebook which comes with a 10" screen. Yes. 10". Initially I was not at all convinced with buying a mini notebook. I mean what can a mini laptop do? After trying out for a couple of weeks, I am totally in love with it! Performance is great and battery life is fantastic. It is light weight, extremely portable and great for travelling. It has great features from webcam to bluetooth. So if you are tired of lugging a heavy laptop around, this is the one for you. The only negative is that it does not come with a DVD drive. I brought an external DVD drive and it works perfectly. I absolutely love it and simply have nothing els to ask for. Who say small is useless?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random stuff

On our way to seafood paradise in piggy's car, i randomly took some snapshots.
I love the effect of this photo.

Seafood Paradise. Singapore Flyer. Swensens

Went to Singapore Flyer's seafood paradise yesterday for a dinner with my piggy and family. The food was great! We went on the Singapore Flyer right after with my parents and piggy. Just the four of us in the capsule! It was a great experience and I took a whole lot of photos! :D The night view of Singapore is beautiful. Piggy and me went to swensens later on for a bite and I had a sticky chewy chocolate sundae, my all time favourite! Great saturday!

On our way to the Singapore Flyer

Great scenary outside

At Seafood Paradise

Butter crab with man tou.

Black pepper crab

Drunken prawns. The prawns are really fresh. They seperated the soup

and the prawns.

Our first dish, Seafood soup in coconut. Soup is yummy with bits of prawns in it.
I didn't really like this as I don't really enjoy drinking soup!

My Jie Elaine and her boyfriend Kenny

My mei Kim and her boyfriend Jensen

Mummy and Daddy!

Me and Piggy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

i don't think so

Piggy said talking about macarons is being childish. I think he is just being jealous that he didn't get to eat it! :D la la la...

I spent many many hours trying to get a new skin for my blog but...

Shall try it again tomorrow.


Bought a packet of 7 macarons from Jurong Point Bakerzin just now. They were really yummy though they cost $1.50 each! Canele has great macarons as well however they cost a bit more. I prefer bakerzin's macarons as they are chewier. I like the chocolate one as it is super chewy. Other flavours such as yuzu, sakura and peach are yummy as well. When i got home a couple of my macarons are smashed and cream oozing out. :( They melt and get smash easily. I tried requesting for a box however you need to get ten macarons. -_-""""
I remember the other Bakerzin gave me a box the other time when i purchased less then 10 macarons!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yes it's me

Just trying out my new blog.