Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sushi Tei with Samantha

Here is another story about me and Samantha. Haha. She is my another great buddy. In fact we are primary school friends!! We were both from Fuhua Primary School. We were from the same class, me, Samantha and Tin Leng always hang out together. Oh yes, my classmates loved to bully me as well, for the same reason i guess? See my previous post. However i was pretty tough then, if you dare lay your hand s on me you shall get it from me! Haha. I remembered dragging a guy from a broom. His knees were brusied from the abrasion from the ground. LOL! Let me explain, he actually hit me with the broom first! With no apparent reason.
We don't mean to really bully or hurt each other, simply out of fun I guess.

I wondered where has my toughness gone?
When I got to Secondary School, I was espe cially afraid of the Indian girls and Malay boys in my class. I always got bullied by them, there was once I even fought with them .
I really hate them. To get away from them, I studied real hard. In the end I got into the first class and they didn't managed to get promoted. Served them right!

Life is strange isn't it? In my life I often faced many challenges. Work,school,and relationship. If you work hard, I have to work e xtra hard.
I didn't do well for my school. Luckily I managed to find a job that I really liked and is doing well now. :)
For those who is facing many challenges in their life like me, It is not the end of the world! Stay strong and be positive! :D

Here are some of the photos of us at Sushi Tei

My Primary School Besti, Samantha

Ikura and Salmon Don, Agedeshi Tofu, Scallop Sushi and Shoyu Ramen.
They have the best Don and Agedeshi Tofu!

I am going to Swissotel Merchant Court Ellenborough Market with my family for dinner buffet later, to celebrate Mother's Day, will update when I am back!

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