Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Simply Divine

I didn't managed to cut my hair yesterday as my hair stylist was away. :( We went Cineleisure Suki Sushi for dinner. The food there was not fantastic, I prefer Sushi-tei or Sakae. The sides were not bad though, we ordered tako-yaki,temaki,fried toufu and a couple of other sides. The cha soba was soggy and sauce a little bland, far from what I had expected. The desert was good though, better when go along with some ice-cream!

I am going to the salon again tomorrow!

A hundred and one things

Having no goals at all for the last few years, all of a sudden I had a hundred and one things I wanted accomplished!

First of all my wisdom tooth, both upper and lower are giving me a lot of problems lately. I need to extract them as soon as I can!! The thought of it just freak me out. I extracted one this year, it wasn't painful however the process was pretty scary. They first give you anesthesia and later use a special tool to pull out your tooth. For my lower wisdom tooth which was not grown upright, they will do a minor surgery. They will slice open your gum,crack your tooth into pieces, take them out and sew the wound up. I will be booking an appointment with the dentist soon, hoping to extract my wisdom tooth by this month. Gulp.

Next I would like to learn driving! I haven't got my license and I am 24! I will be going down to the bbdc this month as well perhaps?

I wanted to go for early childhood education leadership course! Hopefully by this year or beginning next year, provided I am able to get my subsidy! I am considering taking degree as well.. tusk..tusk..

Lastly I am tired of wearing my glasses and contact lenses! I wanted to go for Lasik! My colleague just went not long ago and so far so good, am afraid of side effects in future. My sister actually went for surgery to put lenses in her eyes! She has very bad astigmatism and short-sightedness and not able to go for Lasik. She is really brave isn't she??

On top of that, I want to go traveling!

I really hope to get all these done in two to three years time. I hope.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I love PSP!

I just love my PSP! Had been playing with PSP for quite some now.. I enjoyed playing games,whether it's computer or PS or wii or DS or PSP I love them all! I found some really cool top rated games recently and I am currently playing with them now. They are Resistance: Retribution, LocoRoco 2,Prinny:Can I really be the hero?, Star Ocean: Second Evolution and Midnight:LA Remix.

I am in love with Prinny. It is so cute!! (O'_'O)

Oh ya I will be meeting Joanna tomorrow. We are going Orchard for shopping! I will be going to the salon as well, I need a new haircut badly!

I made Konnyaku Jelly!

I had cravings for jelly, thus I made Konnyaku Jelly! Sounds crazy right? It's not easy to make alright... If you like to have Konnyaku Jelly like mine you need some skills alright.. I went to the supermarket to get Konnyaku Jelly powder(Red Man) and canned fruits (longan and fruit cocktail)You can actually put in any fruits you problem at all. Just follow the directions on the Konnyaku jelly powder to make the jelly. I like mine less sweet so I actually reduced the sugar to 180g instead of 210g and put in lesser water, 800ml instead of 950ml as I like it chewy. Don't bother about the Citric or Malic Acid, you just need to add in some canned fruit juice,about a 100ml and you get yummy Konnyaku Jelly like mine! :D

I actually made these for my bf the other time and he complained they were too soft! -_-"""
They looked really delicious right?? I bet he is drooling now.. :P

Sunday, April 26, 2009

3 Year Old Genius-Part 6 (Even More World Capitals)

Genius!! He looked a bit restless though for answering so many questions!LOL!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Chagrin Valley soap is finally here!!

The Chagrin Valley soap I had ordered is finally here! My sister Elaine actually recommended and ordered the soap for me. :) She is currently using Chagrin Valley soap. The shower wash we currently use had too much chemicals that might actually cause cancer! Do you know we are exposed to 24 toxic chemicals each time we shower by using shampoo, conditioner and shower wash?

Chagrin Valley soaps uses all natural ingredients. I am not being paranoid here however changing to a body wash which uses all natural ingredients might reduce chances of getting cancer perhaps? I had ordered a Herbal Mist for myself and another Honey & Oats shampoo for Bebe.My pooch has already got one. See the pictures? It comes with a labeled paper bag. The soap smelt really nice! Each soap costs about US$6.75.

Herbal Mist soap

Honey & Oats dog shampoo

The Longer I Hold On The More I Lose

The longer we hold on, the more we lose. It is really important to know when to let go of our attachments, and allow for a new birth. In any relationship, the more we hold on, the more we lose our attractiveness and, thus, become a burden to our partner. If we are willing to let go of everything we think should be, the relationship can reach a new level of partnership. We may have to let go totally, because if there is any possibility for the relationship to move forward, it will only do so through our willingness to let go..

Love Is Giving Everything While Holding On To Nothing

Love does not ask for security, love just asks to be able to love.
Nothing can stop our love. No matter if the person rejects us, or if they run away from us, they cannot stop us from loving them. Love asks for no guarantees. Love asks for no insurance. Love just wants to love, to give everything. In the love is a birthing, a fire that purifies. in the love is the greatness of being. In the love is all vision and purpose in life. The love that we give opens us to a new level of feeling, and a new level of joy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Arrival

New Louis Vuitton GALLIERA PM bag. This is love.

Bernard Arnault

The chairman and CEO of Moét Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) and some 50 well known brands including Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Mokt and Chandon and Christian Dior.
He ranks 7 among the world's Richest people.

Tampines 1

Went to Tampines 1 with Joanna yesterday. From our work place at Upper Jurong, all the way to Tampines! I know it's crazy.. We got there at about 7.30pm. Guess what was the first shop we went in? Uniqlo! I didn't get to look at the clothing the other time as it was closing when i got there. We went into the shop and found out most of the clothings had ran out of sizes or totally sold out.. :( They were all left with either size M or L and i wear a size S, so we didn't managed to get any stuff from there. We went for dinner instead as we were really hungry!! We had lunch at around 12pm! We decided to eat at Carl's Junior. When we got there,it was packed with people, there were totally no seats at all! The restaurant was really small. Piggy came to look for me as he was working nearby.. :D He couldn't sit down with us as there were no seats.. :( he said " I am going back to work" and then "bye" -_-""""""""""

We later went into Mitju and I bought a really cute pair of flats.. it is pink in colour with animal prints.. I love dogs! It has mainly cat prints and some dog prints.. cute isn't it? I really like it!

Joanna! Let's go to Tampines 1 again! I hope they have a Tampines 2! :D

Portabello mushroom burger with chilli beef fries. Yum!



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Solar Storm on 22.06.2012

Omg.. I just saw this on the newspaper, Solar Storm going to hit earth on 22.06.2012. which means.. 3 more years!
Isn't this what exactly happened in the movie "Knowing" i just watched on Sunday?? Gosh I thought it wasn't for real! I hope it is not going to be real..however it seems that scientists are pretty confident of their forecast.. :(
Also, in the movie "Knowing", only people who can hear the calling survived. I wonder how true it is?

From what i found out, solar storm is actually geomagnetic storm. They are caused by solar wind shock wave which typically strikes the earth's magnetic field. Which means we will have no electricity!!

Check this out :

Pet Society

Now you can have a photo album for your pet at pet society!! :) I took quite a couple of pictures for my pet, Dior. Pictures of her sitting on a swing in the garden, playing with the guitar, eating, bathing in the jacuzzi and relaxing on the couch. Cute isn't it? You can check our more of my pet's photo at
I just love looking at my pet's pictures, she looked really happy, of course she has such a great
owner like me!! :D

I am totally addicted to the game! What interest me was you can dress up and buy stuff for your pet. You can get rooms when you go up a couple of levels. There are 9 rooms altogether. I only have 6 rooms now!! I need more rooms! My room are fully packed with stuff. There will be new items in the stores on every Monday. Some items will be in shop for a week and others will always be there. I usually go for the weekly items as you can't purchase them again after that! The items they sell in the stores will be according to the festivals. When it is Valentine's or Christmas, you can get really cute stuff like teddies, roses, balloons, Christmas tree and more.

You don't earn coins easy though, you got to do visiting of other pets to earn coins. For the first 50 friends, you get 20 coins and subsequently you only
get 10 and 5 coins for visiting each friend. Guess what piggy said? He said I am wasting my time away and those are not real money! It actually make sense however it is really fun!! Those who are not playing pet society you gotta try it. :)

Do you know you can do trading at the forum? I actually got most of my stuff from the trading forum
Have you ever tried buying hundreds of mystery boxes however not getting the items you wanted? Well, you can try trading at the forum! You might be able to find some great deals as well!

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Monday again

Yes, It's Monday again! It has been two weeks since my trip to Thailand. I am still in my holiday mood! I want to go for another holiday soon!! Actually, not soon, I won't be going for another holiday till later part of the year! Gosh that is a long time! :( I gotta stop thinking about holiday..
Didn't managed to go Tampines 1 yesterday as me and piggy went downtown instead! We went to play pool and watch the movie, "Knowing" and me, not "Knowing" what it was went to watch the show. I haven't been to movie for donkey years, ok, not really donkey but for some time now..
The movie was pretty exciting, at the same time sending chills down your spine. I predicted that the kids were going to die in the end, but they didn't! They were the ones saved, duh..
I actually prefer comedy, romance, horror, animation or action movies. I don't really fancy thrillers or sci-fi. There's a horror movie Friday the 13th coming soon, it looks really scary just by looking at the advertisment. Who wants to watch it with me?? ^-^
Do you know there are 3 Friday the 13th this year? One was in Feb and March, there will be one more coming up in November!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

UNIQLO in Singapore!

Uniqlo is now at Tampines 1! UNIQLO stands for "Unique Clothing Warehouse". UNIQLO is under a Yamaguchi-based company , Ogori Shoji, the name was later changed to Fast Retailing. UNIQLO is Japan's leading clothing retail chain, there were over 100 UNIQLO stores in Japan!The first UNIQLO store was opened in Tokyo's Harajuku district in November 1998. You can find UNIQLO not only in Japan but in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, United Kingdom and United States, so if you happen to be in any of these countries, remember to look out for UNIQLO! UNIQLO sells casual wear, mainly t-shirts and jeans.
UNIQLO in Tampines opens from 10am to 9pm daily. I didn't managed to go into the store as I was there late and it was closing! :( However I might be going there again today! There are many new shops and restaurants. There is a shop called Queens, selling authentic burberry, agnes b and anna sui accessories from Japan. It is great for people who does not travel, however the price is higher.
By the way, UNIQLO is having a promotion now! UTs at $19.90 UP: $24.90, Hoodies from $39.90, Bra Tops from $29.90, Demin from $59.90 UP:49.90, Premium Japanese Demin from $99.90,Camisoles from $14.90 and Polo-Tees from $29.90! Today is the last day of promotion! That's all about UNIQLO for now! I am going to Tampines 1 now and will update again when I am back!

UNIQLO Tampines 1 Store
2nd Floor (#02-28 to 30), Tampines 1,
10 Tampines Central 1,
Singapore 529536

Opening hours: 1000HRS - 2200HRS

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mickey . Tips for new dog

My sister's bf had a new puppy!He is so cute! He is Mickey, unsure of the age and breed as it was given to his brother by a friend. He came to our place to play with peanut yesterday. They had a lot of fun chasing as well barking at each other! He is cute, but really feisty! He actually went under our table to bark at peanut! He even took Peanut's bone, of course it made Peanut really mad! They were really funny. We gave Mickey some food as he has no food at home, just snacks. He had been eating snacks the whole time. He must be hungry, though he had some cesar before that. Even before he finished the food, we took his bowl away, afraid he might overeat. His tummy was really big after that! He was really active after eating and that is how the fight between Peanut and him started.

Some useful tips if you are having a dog for the first time:

  1. Bring it to the vet (Try Mount Pleasant at Sunset Way) for a check up once you get the dog, they need 3 vaccination for the first time and once yearly after that.
  2. Get a leash, harness, bowl, food, cage (optional, for puppies), toothbrush, toothpaste, bed, toys (Try They have a wide range of products for dogs at affordable price and free delivery for up to $60. Shampoo ( Chagrin Valley has shampoo for dogs. My dog is using Honey and Oats Dog shampoo right now.It is really good!
  3. Set up a toilet area with newspaper, for toilet training.
  4. Give your dog ample of fresh water at all times, in a bowl.
  5. Feed your puppy at least three times a day with dry food(soak in hot water to soften it) (Try Wellness, it is really good, my dog is eating it right now. Do not overfeed. Feed your dog with only dog food.
  6. Never give your dog grapes,rasins, chocolates, macadamia nuts,onions,garlic and more, check out website( for more information on food that harm dogs.
  7. Give your dog bones(rawhide) if they are teething to avoid your shoes or furniture getting destroyed, they really enjoyed chewing on things at that stage.
  8. They need plenty of rest so avoid bringing your puppy for walks too often and they might get fleas too.
  9. Send your dog for grooming at least once a year for trimming of fur, nails and cleaning of teeth and ears.(You can try calling 62812271 for grooming services located at Serangoon, they will pick up your dog at your place and send your dog back home after grooming)
  10. Bathe your dog once a week, hair dry and comb your dog's fur if your dog has long fur.
  11. Bring your dog to the vet if your dog has signs of lost of appetite, unactiveness, diarrhea, nuasea or dry nose(they might be having a fever).You can bring your dog to the vet if your dog has fleas too.
  12. You can find out more about dogs from books or website and other websites.
  13. You might want to try adopting a dog instead of buying one from the pet shop. There are thousands of dogs outside waiting for a home (
  14. Lastly love your dog and treat them well, please do not abandon or abuse them! They are really sweet! They love tummy rubs and cuddles.
Oops! You caught me stealing Peanut's bone!

Let's be friends Mickey!

Peanut.. as usual..

I better hide before Peanut sees me!

Is Peanut there?

He is not around! Hurray I can come out now!

Peanut is still around... sob..

Monday, April 13, 2009

Unite For Hunger And Hope

Right now more then 500 million people are living in "absolute poverty" and more than
15 million die of hunger every year.
World Health Organization estimates that one third of the population is underfed and another third is starving.
Even in United States, 46 percent of African-American children and Latino children are considered chronically hungry.

Join this event by visiting Bloggers Unite and adding a badge to your blog before April 29.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

It's Easter Monday tomorrow, piggy doesn't need to work!! -_-"
m&m's Easter bunny mix aren't they pretty?
The light blue ones actually looked like green under my camera.
There is blue, green, pink,yellow and purple with really cute animal pictures on them! ^^
Oh yes, and tootsie fruit rolls, they pretty much taste like starburst fruit chews! Awesome.
Happy Easter!

Back to work

I am going back to work tomorrow!! It has been a good two weeks break for me. It's time for me to get back to work, although a little reluctant...
Staying away too long from work can make one lazy.Which is exactly how i am feeling right now!
Piggy is away in Malacca with his colleagues. I was at home for the past two days, sitting in front of my lappie for more then 12 hours a day. Great I found a new game to play with, poupee girl, which helps to kill some of my boredom, els I will be bored to death. Pet society is fun too, you dress up and purchase new furnitures and stuff for your pet. Don't say I am childish, the games are really cute and fun. I am sure the girls will agree with me ya?
My family said I am too engrossed in my lappie and games that I had became insane!!!?! They also said I am not responsive blah blah blah... my mother claimed that I don't talk to her at home! I am having my break right now so give me a break. I am going back to work tomorrow. I seriously can't multi-task. If you happen to see me watching tv, on the phone or in front of my lappie, please don't talk to me! This explains the not responsive part. As for not talking much, I talk 9 hours a day in school when I teach. So imagine that.

poupeegirl: Rin

poupeegirl fashion brand community

Was bored today and happened to find this game, poupeegirl, a japanese game. You create and dress up your girl.
You earn ribbons by posting photos of your favourite stuff or dress up your Poupee girl.
I have no idea how this game works, am still figuring out.
Here is a lastest photo of my poupeegirl dress in flora puff sleeve dress with short trench coat, headdress, high socks, pumps, rose ring, leopard bucket hat and furry leopard clutch purse!!
Ps: I am no bimbo

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We love outings!

Piggy and I brought our dogs to Pasir Ris Park last evening for a walk.They
really enjoyed themselves as you can see from the photos below:

BeBe, let's be friends!

I smelled poo!

I want to go that way!

Piggy and Bebe

Me and Peanut

Stop licking me Peanut!

I love to roll in the sand!

Piggy taking Bebe for a stroll at the beach.

Unleashed! I am free!

Peanut exploring the beach

Breed:Silky Terrier
Gender: Male
Age: 5.5
About me: I love to go to the beach. I like to swim.
My favourite treat is Science Diet Doggy treats.
I am fussy. I have to sleep on the bed in air conditional room.
I wear pyjamas to sleep. I take my afternoon nap on the couch.
I don't like children. I hate being alone.
If you ignore me I am going to be angry.
I pee and poo on your bed if you make me angry.
I do trading (give me treats if you want your mobile phone back!)
I can do tricks such as squat, roll, bang and fetch keys.
I love to kiss, can i kiss you?

Breed: Mongrel
Gender: Female
About me: I love people.
I do not like to share my food or toys with other dogs, especially Peanut.
I like to chew on bones.
I love to eat. I can finish a whole pack of treats in a flash.
Please pick up my bone for me if I drop it.
I hate people who push me off the couch or bed when I am resting, I get angry.
I am active. I need to have my daily walk at the park.

What is Peanut trying to do?

Please give us treats!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Clothes for sale. Brand new.

Purple knitted long top
Fit Size S-M
Price: $20

Black leather Jacket
Size M
Price: $25

A) Dark grey thick leggings without loop (Opaque)
Free Size
Price: $15

B) Dark Grey thick leggings with loop (Opaque)
Free Size
Price: $12

C) Dark Grey thick leggings with loop(Opaque)
Free Size
Price: $12

I am selling away these clothes as they are either too big for me or I simply have too many of them, thus selling them away at a low price. I got the clothes from online Taiwan and Korea spree and they are all brand new.

Please allow a period of 5 to 7 days for the item to be mailed to you. Postage is free.
Please e-mail me at if you are interested in any of the clothes.