Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I got a new keyboard!!!!

Yes!! I got a new keyboard finally! Since young I really envious those who has piano or keyboard and always wanted to have one too. I didn't get to learn piano when I was young as I have two other siblings. It is not easy to send all of us for classes due to financial reason. I started to learn keyboard at a community center when I was in secondary school and I stopped after 1 month! I found the songs too kiddish and I was too lazy to get myself over the overhead bridge to get to the community center! Am I really lazy or what?? LOL!
When I started working, a really kind friend of mine wanted to teach me piano for free! She even got me books and everything. I had to go over her house every week after my work. Again, I stopped learning after 2 months as I was too tried to go over after work. I felt really bad seriously, I had let her down. I am sorry!

Now I am determined to learn piano once again! I hope my interest can last this time! :D
I am also determined to learn one of my favourite classical pieces, Canon in D!

Found this video of Canon in D in rock version and I really like it. It is so niceeeee!!

And oh yes! Sims3 is out today!! I didn't managed to get it today as I was too busy buying my new keyboard, shall get it tomorrow!

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