Friday, May 1, 2009

Seeing error bX-r1ezpk??

Having problem viewing your blog or posting your post?? I am having the same error message! I even had it twice in a row! I am having problem with my html as well. What is happening?? It seems like it is a system problem. I hope they can fix it soon! My font is going haywire as well! See my previous post? I couldn't edit my font. It has different font! When I tried to edit my font or message, the error message appeared! It says to report the error. I had reported the error and they claimed they will give us update and fix the problem.

I couldn't wait for them to fix the problem and I actually fix it myself!
what you can do if you see the error message is, go to your dashboard, layout, edit html and revert widget to default. This could solve the problem for the first time, however not for the second! I hope they can fix the problem real soon!

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