Saturday, July 25, 2009


Went to ION with Stephanie, Samantha and Bernice on Friday. Most of the shops had opened by now. The shops are similar to those at Paragon however bigger. They even have shop like Province. I love their bread. Now you don't have to go down to Holland Village or Central to get it! There was a great cafe which caught my eye, the Gustimo De Roma. It is a desert cafe. I love the interior design and I even love desertsss more!! Piggy let's go there next week!

Me posing in front of GIORGIO ARMANI

Me and Samantha

Stephanie and Me

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My PSP has a new look!

My boring pink PSP finally has a new look! :D I had pasted a skin that I had bought from istyle a couple of days ago! Yeahhhh! I love the new look! It totally matches my pink buttons! It even comes along with a free matching background wallpaper! Actually I had wanted to order new skins for my iPhone and saw many pretty PSP skins and I knew I had to get one.
I also ordered a skin for Kim's new 4th Gen ipod and a sleeve. In the end I ordered two iphone skins, one PSP skin, one iPod skin and a sleeve which cost me more than $70! It is worth it as i really love the skins. It helps to spice up the boring colour as well as protect from scratches. I had ordered a skin for my iPod some time ago and decided to get one for my iPhone as well! Here it is:

My istyle parcel is finally here!

My iPhone Skull blue skin
I had also ordered a leopard spots skin which will only arrive after 6 to 12 days!
I can't wait!!

Kim's iPod Cheetah spots skin.

Kim's iPod Sleeve.
She simply love it.

New heart to heart skin for my PSP!!
The colour I saw on the website was light blue however when I received it, it was green!!
Anyway it still looked good!


Monday, July 20, 2009

I got iphone.

No I didn't purchase the new iphone. Piggy did. Piggy had given me his old iphone. What is the reason? Firstly I didn't want to spend $288. Secondly I don't need the extra new functions of compass, voice control, video recording or bigger space of 16G. I am satisfied with 8G. I still miss my old phone actually. Miss the buttons. Yes the buttons. My sms hit more than 1000 a month. Somewhat I enjoyed smsing. Now i have no more buttons. My fingers cried for smsing once in a while. You won't believe it.

Now back to iphone. I love my iphone more each day. I had more than 20 applications now. One of my favourite application game is Sally Spa. I love the game so much I had purchased it at a mere US$0.99! It is having a sale now. I am so going to complete all 50 levels!!

Some of the games I also enjoyed were Tap Tap Revenge though I got a little giddy after playing for too long and Sneeizes, it is so cute!

I had also found some marvalous must have applications such as SGSales, icab, Hungry?, Puri!, Keeper,Pixelpipe,transGuide, Dictionary, Wikipanion, SGMalls, Polarize and not forgetting my Facebook, Twitterific and ebuddy! Love them all!!

Ever wonder how to upload ringtones into iphone?

Well, you need a ringtone converter in this case! I seriously had no idea how to get ringtones until Piggy told me i need a converter. You need not dl a converter however just visit this website:

I was browsing for a ringtone converter and found this fabulous website for converting ringtones. This is the best ringtone converter webisite ever! You can convert all mp3 to ringtones right at this website. That's not all! You can even search for ringtones. They have the lastest ringtones! What you need to do is to upload the ringtone to your itunes! Now who say uploading ringtones is difficult?

Lastly, trying out my iphone camera! :D


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Finally, uploaded some new photos :D
It was Mummy's birthday yesterday! We had a celebration at Great World City Imperial Treasure. Happy Birthday Mummy! I love you! Stay pretty! :D

My beautiful Mummy.

Mummy making a wish....I wondered what she wish for! Gee..

Blowing out the candles! Mummy was thinking we should
placed the candles in a row so she could blow out the candles easily! LOL!

Cutting the cake

Birthday cake from Sweet Secrets. It was really delicious!
It actually melts in your mouth like ice cream! Yummy!

Mouth watering salted egg prawn.
This is the best dish of the night!
Overall the food was alright. I gave it a 3 stars our of 5. I didn't enjoyed the scallop and crab roe soup though. It was pretty bland.
We didn't ordered fish as the fish in the aquarium looked ill. :(
Their skin was peeling off and some was even dying!
It was really sad and no way we would eat them.

Now time for some camwhoring!

Piggy acting cool. Again.

Kim showing off her brand new YSL bag

Now time for a group photo! Cheese!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I love dramas

Wasn't really in the mood to do some serious blogging recently as I was down with a high fever and cold. I had fever for the whole of three days before it subsided. Didn't have much time to meet up with Piggy and stayed home even I was on a two days leave! Didn't get to go anywhere so no exciting posts. :( Had returned to work since Wednesday. Went home straight after work to finished up my Love or Bread Taiwan drama. That was how I came up with the song and the questions. Do you have an answer by now? Love or Bread?! Hah! The show was fantastic. Super romantic and sweet! Love it. Is currently watching another Korean drama now, also another great love story. I love romance shows. I wondered if it really happen in real life? Hmm... really have some great shows for downloading. Check out the website if you are bored or a super big fan of Korean, Taiwan, Japan dramas. They also have a large variety of movies to choose from. Each episode is an hour long. So say bye to the laggy youtube short videos! You need to get an QvodPlayer before you can download the shows. Forget to mention the website is in Mandarin and you can only download the shows using Internet Explorer and avoid using Mozilla Firefox. It doesn't work. Happy Watching!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love or Bread?

Will you choose love or bread? Would you rather marry a rich guy but not your true love or would you rather marry a poor guy which is your true love?







Saturday, July 11, 2009

wishjoli - Office wear, tops and casual wear

wishlist 3

I was sick for the past two days thus no updates, was down with fever! :( Didn't manage to go to my sister's bbq at Pasir Ris park last night! *Sob* Luckily I had Piggy with me! :D Piggy came all the way down from his home at Pasir Ris to buy me dinner and fulfilled my horrible demands of Secret Recipe cheesecakes and carrot and green apple juice! Piggy you are so sweet! Muacks!! :*

By the way, wishjoli office wear, tops and casual wear is now up. There will also be upcoming flea markets. Check the website for more info.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

iPhone 3GS

The next iPhone 3GS is launching this Friday 10th July!! It has new features such as compass, landscape keyboard,video recording, spotlight search, voice control, higher speed, megapixel, bigger space and loads of applications! It is selling at $388 and available at all Singtel stores.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Item 8

Finally my sister's blogshop is up! Which means my photoshoot pictures are up too! :D
Currently only the dresses, casual wear and party wear are up. The rest are not ready yet. Check back a couple more of days for more updates! Here is the link:

My blog is having some problems thus I am unable to upload pictures! :~( I got the HTML code to put up this picture instead. Can someone fix the problem please!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marina South Pier

Piggy was planning to drive to Marina South and passed by this wonderful place and decided to stop by. It was the Marina South Pier. I wasn't at all excited about the place till I saw a big sea and a large ship that was moored at the pier. It was the Stewords Riverboat. The Stewords Riverboat is a non-motorized replica of the Mississippi steamboats of the 1800's. Why 'Stewrods'? They have got great 'Stews' and 'words(training programmes and seminars are conducted on board). And great 'stews' and great 'words' are put together by some faithful stewards thus called it Stewords Riverboat! The exterior of the ship looked really awesome especially during the evening time with all the lights and everything. The ship is opened daily for lunch and dinner. They served Mexican and Texas food called the Sante Fe Tex-Mex Grill. They are also open to functions and gatherings. We wanted to have our dinner there however it was full. :( We didn't make any resevations. Piggy promise we will make a reservation another time. :)
We went to the Famous Crab King for dinner instead. The Chilli Crab's sauce is really heavenly though the crab is not that fresh. It was pretty afforable too as they were having a promotion that day. On the whole the dinner was good. It is another great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Stewords Riverboat

Uncle Piggy. LOL!

At rooftop

The breeze was really strong. Look at our hair!

Saw 3 fighter jets zoomed passed!e

Beautful sunset


Outside the Stewords Riverboat

Famous Crab King!

Salad Prawns

'Kai Lan' with oyster sauce. Piggy's favourite veggie.

Chilli Crab (Sri Lanka)
The sauce is fantastic!!