Sunday, June 28, 2009

Marina Barrage

Went to Marina Barrage with Piggy yesterday. The place was great, nice breeze, an open area for kites flying, picnic and sea view. It was pretty crowded with mainly families and tourists. Actually there wasn't many attractions, a fountain with children playing, gallery, cafe and restaurant however it is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city even though it is in the heart of the city. From the open field area, we could see skyscrapers and sea from far, jets zooming pass as they the stadium is nearby and they are rehearsing for NDP. We could even see Chinooks flying pass with the Singapore flag. We took a stroll along the dam and the open field. The purpose of the dam is to create a freshwater reservoir to provide water supply. It is to alleviate flooding of low lying areas in the city as well. It is also ideal for water activites such as dragonboating.
The sustainable singapore gallery showcases Singapore's efforts towards enviromental sustainability. There is a barrage model demostrating how the Marina Barrage works. We were there late and we miss the introduction to the barrage model. The gallery was pretty interesting and worth visiting.
7th Storey restaurant is the only restaurant there. The serve steamboat and some other food such as crabs, chicken, veggies etc. They have indoor and outing sitting. The outdoor sitting has nice sea view. Not sure how is the food however the price is exorbitant. Currently they are having DBS 1 for 1 promotion right now however with a min of 4 pax. We went suntec city Crsytal Jade for dinner instead. We had a good dinner. Piggy agreed we go for a picnic and kite flying one of the days. Overall the place was pretty good, just go there with an open mind.
Remember sunblock and shades if going in the afternoon, it can be quite sunny!

I am so so so tired after a whole day of photoshooting for my sis's new blogshop. I will try to put up the pictures and link when it is done and I am free!

In Piggy's car on the way to Marina Barrage!

Piggy driving

Kites flying in the blue blue sky

Information counter

Beautiful fountain at the entrance


Isn't he adorable?

Open field

Love the grass under the sun

Piggy trying hard to act cool! LOL!

Chinook and Singapore flag

Solar park with solar panels

Solar so good!

Fountain with kids playing

Inside the Sustainable gallery

Plastic bottles!

Barrage model

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