Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mad about Durians

It is the durian season again. We were eating at the coffee shop when we saw lots of people queueing near the durian stall holding a basket in their hands. We heard people shouting"Ji Ka" meaning ten cents in Hokkien. The durians were selling at 10 cents each. Yes. 10 cents, however limited to maximum ten durians each person. It was really really cheap!!!! Personally I don't really like durians.I had a violent diahhrea after eating too many durians when I was young! Since then, I dare not touch another durian!
The "10 cents per durian" promotion started yesterday. From 6pm to 7pm. Tomorrow will be the last day.
PS: Beware of flying and rolling durians.

Joanna and Selene getting ready to grab the durians.
Joanna almost killed someone by throwing a durian into a basket!

Grabbing the durians

Everyone grabbing lots of durians.

Finally after half an hour of hard work, Our durians!

What a crazy day!

Inside of the durian
According to my sister the durians were delicious and she ate 3 at one go!

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