Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My phone is dead

My Sony Ericsson W910i which was given me from Piggy was dead. DEAD! The sliding screws came off a couple of months ago and now the buttons doesn't work anymore!! :( I called up Sony Ericsson service centre and the repairing cos more than $80+ just to fix the screws not including the buttons. I guess I had to get a new phone. I am not going to pay that kind of money just to fix an old phone. Sigh. Currently I am using my sis's old Nokia phone. I didn't like it at all. I want a new phone!! What depressing was I couldn't get back all my contacts! I had set a security code to my phone and the buttons were faulty and I couldn't get to the main page. How stupid can i get?? The reason why I did that was I am always losing my phone. I lost a phone on a taxi once! To prevent them from using my phone I decided to set a sercurity code to it. Am I clever or stupid? Actually I wanted to get a new phone right away. I really like iphone. I had check out the new N97, however didn't like it as it makes too much noise when you slide the keypad. I still prefer iphone. Piggy suggested me to buy when the new iphone is out. It will be out somewhere in July! The old iphone price will most probably reduce when the new iphone is out. So I am waiting really patiently. So old or new iphone? I am in dilemma right now. The new iphone speed is faster and and has new video functions.
It really has to depend on my budget now as I didn't mention my wisdom tooth extraction cost me $800++??? Luckily I had mediasave which help to cover part of the fee and Piggy had helped me to foot the bill first. Piggy is so sweeet. Muacks!

Did I mention my parents are back from Shanghai? Yes they were away for an eight day tour to Shanghai with the host "Zhou Cong Qing". I got to do the chores and settle my own meals for 8 days! I was really moody. LOL! I am so so so glad they are back now! I really missed them a lot. It is really great to have them around as I don't have to worry about anything at home when I am at work. Now I know how difficult it is to make sure everything is running smoothly at home!
My parents bought two mini iphones back from China. They were for my cousins and they were damn cute!! Each of them comes along with a mini black iphone pouch. Really nice. They were not authentic and spoils easily though, that was what Piggy told me. However it is really cutee! Each of them cost only $130! Freaking cheap right? The model is m888a, comes with 2.4 inch display, VGA camera with 1.3 megapixel and 8GB. It also comes in colours, red, white and pink!! You can actually purchase this online however it cost a bit more.

I can't wait for the new iphone to launched! :D

m88a mini iphone

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