Friday, June 26, 2009

The haunted house

Good and bad news.

Good news! I can play my Sims3 now!! Finally! My kind sis allowed me to play it on her lappie. The only problem is now, the people I invited doesn't seem to leave my house! Why is that so???? I tried to ask them to leave, shoo them and even scared them but it doesn't seem to work! The people walked in and out of my house as they like! What horrifying was, one of them actually died in the house!! It was an old lady. She stood in the kitchen for whole of 5 days before she died. This is not the worst. She came back. Her soul actually came back! It was pink in colour and translucent. She move freely in the house and my furnitures actually moved by itself. I told Piggy and he actually laughed at me. :( He said the house is haunted... -_-" Has this happened to anyone before??? Any solutions?? How can I stopped her from coming back into the house?? The game is not fun anymore.. it is scary!
On the whole the game is pretty alright. It will be good if there are more variety of furnitures and stuff.

Here comes the bad news, the world greatest rockstar Michael Jackson is dead. He died of cardiac arrest. What a pity. I am not a great fan of him but his songs had touch many people's heart. I can say he is also the world's best dancer! Michael Jackson you will always be remembered. R.I.P

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