Monday, June 22, 2009

I extracted my wisdom tooth!

Went to the dentist on Saturday to extract both my upper and lower wisdom tooth. It was a bad experience though it is not my first time doing an extraction and the doctor is skilled and gentle. Luckily I had Piggy with me and I felt slightly better. Love you Piggy!
I had to do a minor surgery for my lower wisdom tooth as my tooth was half buried in the gum. :( The upper wisdom need no surgery but normal extraction. They first took a x-ray of my lower wisdom tooth to make sure it is safe to extract and explained the procedure to me. Luckily the tooth was not near the nerves and I do not have to see an oral surgeon! Seeing an oral surgeon cost a bomb and might need general anesthesia. Why it is unsafe to do extraction when the lower wisdom tooth is near the nerves? As it might affect your nerves and cause numbing to your lips! It might also cause infection to your sinus if your upper wisdom tooth is near to the nerves as well. Scary isn't it?
Before they started the surgery they first sprayed something onto my gum for the anesthesia. I had a total of 7 vaccinations! My mouth is damn swollen now! I had 3 for the lower and 2 for the upper and another 2 during the surgery as it is causing me some pain. The needle actually go through your gum. The needle was bent when it came out of my mouth!
Next they exposed my gum with a tool, not sure how it is done and drill the tooth to make it smaller. They later crack my tooth into half. I can actually hear the "crack" sound. It was really horrible. They pushed my tooth out after that, piece by piece as it was broken into four pieces! Some square sponges was being inserted into the wound and sew up after that. Next they extracted my upper wisdom tooth by pulling it out. It didn't take too long and the whole procedure was done. I was given some medicine, gauze, mouth wash and four days of mc! I felt much more better thinking I will be staying home the next few days! I am glad it is finally over! The wisdom tooth had been bothering me for a really long time! I am still having the swell hopefully it will subside soon. I can't take any food that is hard too. Brushing my teeth and talking is a problem. I got to go back to the dentist two weeks later to have my sitches removed and get another filling. Sigh!

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