Sunday, June 7, 2009

My terrapin has a new home!

My kind sister went to the pet shop and got my terrapin a new home!!:D
My terrapin was really happy! I think it is happy. LOL!
It's previous home was a small round tank which was smaller.

The terrapin was given to me as a class pet from a parent.
The parent brought their son to the farm and brought 5 terrapins back for us!
They gave each class a terrapin. Guess what happened to the rest of the terrapins? They are all in heaven now. R.I.P
My terrapin was the only survivor.
I took really good care of it alright? I tried taking care of the rest of the terrapins as well however I was unable due to my work and I already had a terrapin to take care of and I am afraid I got to take care of all of them in the end. I already had two large terrapins at home! My mother will not be please if i bring back another 5 and that would be 7! My other colleagues was too busy with their work and nobody wanted to be responsible for the terrapins. It was really sad to see the terrapins getting fewer each week.
I had the terrapin in school for a few months and decided to bring it back as nobody wanted to take care of my terrapin when I am on leave and during the weekends. You can imagine my mother's reaction! LOL!

New home for my terrapin.

My terrapin in its new home.

My cute terrapin.

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