Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marina South Pier

Piggy was planning to drive to Marina South and passed by this wonderful place and decided to stop by. It was the Marina South Pier. I wasn't at all excited about the place till I saw a big sea and a large ship that was moored at the pier. It was the Stewords Riverboat. The Stewords Riverboat is a non-motorized replica of the Mississippi steamboats of the 1800's. Why 'Stewrods'? They have got great 'Stews' and 'words(training programmes and seminars are conducted on board). And great 'stews' and great 'words' are put together by some faithful stewards thus called it Stewords Riverboat! The exterior of the ship looked really awesome especially during the evening time with all the lights and everything. The ship is opened daily for lunch and dinner. They served Mexican and Texas food called the Sante Fe Tex-Mex Grill. They are also open to functions and gatherings. We wanted to have our dinner there however it was full. :( We didn't make any resevations. Piggy promise we will make a reservation another time. :)
We went to the Famous Crab King for dinner instead. The Chilli Crab's sauce is really heavenly though the crab is not that fresh. It was pretty afforable too as they were having a promotion that day. On the whole the dinner was good. It is another great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Stewords Riverboat

Uncle Piggy. LOL!

At rooftop

The breeze was really strong. Look at our hair!

Saw 3 fighter jets zoomed passed!e

Beautful sunset


Outside the Stewords Riverboat

Famous Crab King!

Salad Prawns

'Kai Lan' with oyster sauce. Piggy's favourite veggie.

Chilli Crab (Sri Lanka)
The sauce is fantastic!!

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