Friday, June 26, 2009

Dogs Day Out in the Park

For all dog lovers out there! There will be a dog carnival on this coming Sunday at West Coast Park!!! It is free admission and the first 300 to register takes home a "doggie bag" fill with goodies inside!! OMG. My dog will definitely love it. Love the goodies I mean and not the carnival. LOL! They also have a 1km-jog-a-walk, dog perfomances, competitions, products on sale and free PHOTOSHOOT! My dog is not very sociable. Usually when we bring it out for a walk or to the dog run, it tends to cling to us. As it is afraid of getting lost. He doesn't seems to be interested in other dogs from what I observed. He doesn't play with them at all! He simply just sniff them that's all, especially their bottoms. Haha. Basically he thinks he is a human being. Doesn't make sense when he socializes with other dogs right? Anyway I so want to bring my dog for this carnival however I might have something on that day. Sigh. I actually asked Piggy to bring his Bebe along and I bring peanut along and we will have lots of fun! However, you know Pigs don't wake up early.

Date 28th June 2009, Sunday
Time 8am to 5pm
Venue West Coast Park - Grand Lawn Area 3

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