Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back to where I belong...

Getting dark.

Going back, took some random shots from the window.
I love looking at the clouds.

Dunkin Donuts. I love the chocolate one with chocolate balls and
the colourful one. They are really yummy!

At MacDonald. Milo float, nuggets, Samurai pork burger and chocolate sundae.
They have the most gigantic fries and drink!

Spring roll, prawn and thai fish cake with
three kinds of sauce to go with it.

Tom Yum Soup. This is really good.

Coconut juice. Yum! It is really sweet and refreshing
I love it. As usual piggy drinks his beer during every meal.

Thai Restaurant at Suam Lam night bazar


Accessories, bangles, rings and necklaces


Suam Lam night bazar.
They sell clothes, food, decoration items, accessories
and even pet stuff.

Me playing golf.

Piggy playing golf

Fuji Restaurant Tako Yaki, Piggy's favourite. Piggy love
Japanese food so much we actually ate twice in this restaurant.
The food were good and affordable.

I like this photo :D

Scenery outside from 77th floor

Breakfast. This is love.

At lower deck

Buffet at lower deck

Beautiful Scenery

Yummy Buffet



On Chaophraya Cruise

Chaophraya Cruise

At Chaophraya River

I love my flowers

Birthday cake from Piggy

Beautiful lily from Piggy. Love you piggy!

I am back from Thailand!!! Came back last night around 10 plus. I always have a strange feeling whenever I come back from a holiday, no more fun and get back to work kind of feeling. All of a sudden all the stress seems come back. why is this so?? How I wish I can have holiday everyday and need not work! However no work means no money! So i am going to be good and work so I can have more money to go on holidays!! :D I am not going to think about it now as I am not getting back to work till next Monday! I can't wait to go Taiwan in December!!

I had a great time at Thailand this time.We went to our usual hangout places and went on the Chaophraya Cruise on the first day. It was really romantic. I love the live band, the breeze and scenery. The food was good too. They even gave us light sticks and devil head band! Sadly it started to rain while returning, we got to move down to the lower deck, it was a great experience though!
Piggy Dear got the hotel to give me a surprise..flowers and birthday cake! I was really caught by surprise. Thank You Piggy!! Love ya! You are so sweet! Muacks!!! This is my best birthday ever!
Thailand is a great place, the food is good, the things are cheap, especially clothes,shoes and accessories! The people are friendly too. I am definitely going back there again!

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