Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Monday again

Yes, It's Monday again! It has been two weeks since my trip to Thailand. I am still in my holiday mood! I want to go for another holiday soon!! Actually, not soon, I won't be going for another holiday till later part of the year! Gosh that is a long time! :( I gotta stop thinking about holiday..
Didn't managed to go Tampines 1 yesterday as me and piggy went downtown instead! We went to play pool and watch the movie, "Knowing" and me, not "Knowing" what it was went to watch the show. I haven't been to movie for donkey years, ok, not really donkey but for some time now..
The movie was pretty exciting, at the same time sending chills down your spine. I predicted that the kids were going to die in the end, but they didn't! They were the ones saved, duh..
I actually prefer comedy, romance, horror, animation or action movies. I don't really fancy thrillers or sci-fi. There's a horror movie Friday the 13th coming soon, it looks really scary just by looking at the advertisment. Who wants to watch it with me?? ^-^
Do you know there are 3 Friday the 13th this year? One was in Feb and March, there will be one more coming up in November!

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