Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Chagrin Valley soap is finally here!!

The Chagrin Valley soap I had ordered is finally here! My sister Elaine actually recommended and ordered the soap for me. :) She is currently using Chagrin Valley soap. The shower wash we currently use had too much chemicals that might actually cause cancer! Do you know we are exposed to 24 toxic chemicals each time we shower by using shampoo, conditioner and shower wash?

Chagrin Valley soaps uses all natural ingredients. I am not being paranoid here however changing to a body wash which uses all natural ingredients might reduce chances of getting cancer perhaps? I had ordered a Herbal Mist for myself and another Honey & Oats shampoo for Bebe.My pooch has already got one. See the pictures? It comes with a labeled paper bag. The soap smelt really nice! Each soap costs about US$6.75.

Herbal Mist soap

Honey & Oats dog shampoo

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  1. hi! nice stash of chagrin valley bars! i recently ordered a few, and just wanna ask you if they're any good? and, how long did they take to arrive? lol am so excited! email me at please :) thanks! nice blog :)