Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pet Society

Now you can have a photo album for your pet at pet society!! :) I took quite a couple of pictures for my pet, Dior. Pictures of her sitting on a swing in the garden, playing with the guitar, eating, bathing in the jacuzzi and relaxing on the couch. Cute isn't it? You can check our more of my pet's photo at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=73896&id=777728259&l=b0d1c90ac9
I just love looking at my pet's pictures, she looked really happy, of course she has such a great
owner like me!! :D

I am totally addicted to the game! What interest me was you can dress up and buy stuff for your pet. You can get rooms when you go up a couple of levels. There are 9 rooms altogether. I only have 6 rooms now!! I need more rooms! My room are fully packed with stuff. There will be new items in the stores on every Monday. Some items will be in shop for a week and others will always be there. I usually go for the weekly items as you can't purchase them again after that! The items they sell in the stores will be according to the festivals. When it is Valentine's or Christmas, you can get really cute stuff like teddies, roses, balloons, Christmas tree and more.

You don't earn coins easy though, you got to do visiting of other pets to earn coins. For the first 50 friends, you get 20 coins and subsequently you only
get 10 and 5 coins for visiting each friend. Guess what piggy said? He said I am wasting my time away and those are not real money! It actually make sense however it is really fun!! Those who are not playing pet society you gotta try it. :)

Do you know you can do trading at the forum? I actually got most of my stuff from the trading forum http://forum.playfish.com/forumdisplay.php?f=65
Have you ever tried buying hundreds of mystery boxes however not getting the items you wanted? Well, you can try trading at the forum! You might be able to find some great deals as well!

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