Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A hundred and one things

Having no goals at all for the last few years, all of a sudden I had a hundred and one things I wanted accomplished!

First of all my wisdom tooth, both upper and lower are giving me a lot of problems lately. I need to extract them as soon as I can!! The thought of it just freak me out. I extracted one this year, it wasn't painful however the process was pretty scary. They first give you anesthesia and later use a special tool to pull out your tooth. For my lower wisdom tooth which was not grown upright, they will do a minor surgery. They will slice open your gum,crack your tooth into pieces, take them out and sew the wound up. I will be booking an appointment with the dentist soon, hoping to extract my wisdom tooth by this month. Gulp.

Next I would like to learn driving! I haven't got my license and I am 24! I will be going down to the bbdc this month as well perhaps?

I wanted to go for early childhood education leadership course! Hopefully by this year or beginning next year, provided I am able to get my subsidy! I am considering taking degree as well.. tusk..tusk..

Lastly I am tired of wearing my glasses and contact lenses! I wanted to go for Lasik! My colleague just went not long ago and so far so good, am afraid of side effects in future. My sister actually went for surgery to put lenses in her eyes! She has very bad astigmatism and short-sightedness and not able to go for Lasik. She is really brave isn't she??

On top of that, I want to go traveling!

I really hope to get all these done in two to three years time. I hope.

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