Monday, April 27, 2009

I made Konnyaku Jelly!

I had cravings for jelly, thus I made Konnyaku Jelly! Sounds crazy right? It's not easy to make alright... If you like to have Konnyaku Jelly like mine you need some skills alright.. I went to the supermarket to get Konnyaku Jelly powder(Red Man) and canned fruits (longan and fruit cocktail)You can actually put in any fruits you problem at all. Just follow the directions on the Konnyaku jelly powder to make the jelly. I like mine less sweet so I actually reduced the sugar to 180g instead of 210g and put in lesser water, 800ml instead of 950ml as I like it chewy. Don't bother about the Citric or Malic Acid, you just need to add in some canned fruit juice,about a 100ml and you get yummy Konnyaku Jelly like mine! :D

I actually made these for my bf the other time and he complained they were too soft! -_-"""
They looked really delicious right?? I bet he is drooling now.. :P

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