Friday, April 17, 2009

Mickey . Tips for new dog

My sister's bf had a new puppy!He is so cute! He is Mickey, unsure of the age and breed as it was given to his brother by a friend. He came to our place to play with peanut yesterday. They had a lot of fun chasing as well barking at each other! He is cute, but really feisty! He actually went under our table to bark at peanut! He even took Peanut's bone, of course it made Peanut really mad! They were really funny. We gave Mickey some food as he has no food at home, just snacks. He had been eating snacks the whole time. He must be hungry, though he had some cesar before that. Even before he finished the food, we took his bowl away, afraid he might overeat. His tummy was really big after that! He was really active after eating and that is how the fight between Peanut and him started.

Some useful tips if you are having a dog for the first time:

  1. Bring it to the vet (Try Mount Pleasant at Sunset Way) for a check up once you get the dog, they need 3 vaccination for the first time and once yearly after that.
  2. Get a leash, harness, bowl, food, cage (optional, for puppies), toothbrush, toothpaste, bed, toys (Try They have a wide range of products for dogs at affordable price and free delivery for up to $60. Shampoo ( Chagrin Valley has shampoo for dogs. My dog is using Honey and Oats Dog shampoo right now.It is really good!
  3. Set up a toilet area with newspaper, for toilet training.
  4. Give your dog ample of fresh water at all times, in a bowl.
  5. Feed your puppy at least three times a day with dry food(soak in hot water to soften it) (Try Wellness, it is really good, my dog is eating it right now. Do not overfeed. Feed your dog with only dog food.
  6. Never give your dog grapes,rasins, chocolates, macadamia nuts,onions,garlic and more, check out website( for more information on food that harm dogs.
  7. Give your dog bones(rawhide) if they are teething to avoid your shoes or furniture getting destroyed, they really enjoyed chewing on things at that stage.
  8. They need plenty of rest so avoid bringing your puppy for walks too often and they might get fleas too.
  9. Send your dog for grooming at least once a year for trimming of fur, nails and cleaning of teeth and ears.(You can try calling 62812271 for grooming services located at Serangoon, they will pick up your dog at your place and send your dog back home after grooming)
  10. Bathe your dog once a week, hair dry and comb your dog's fur if your dog has long fur.
  11. Bring your dog to the vet if your dog has signs of lost of appetite, unactiveness, diarrhea, nuasea or dry nose(they might be having a fever).You can bring your dog to the vet if your dog has fleas too.
  12. You can find out more about dogs from books or website and other websites.
  13. You might want to try adopting a dog instead of buying one from the pet shop. There are thousands of dogs outside waiting for a home (
  14. Lastly love your dog and treat them well, please do not abandon or abuse them! They are really sweet! They love tummy rubs and cuddles.
Oops! You caught me stealing Peanut's bone!

Let's be friends Mickey!

Peanut.. as usual..

I better hide before Peanut sees me!

Is Peanut there?

He is not around! Hurray I can come out now!

Peanut is still around... sob..

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