Thursday, April 9, 2009

We love outings!

Piggy and I brought our dogs to Pasir Ris Park last evening for a walk.They
really enjoyed themselves as you can see from the photos below:

BeBe, let's be friends!

I smelled poo!

I want to go that way!

Piggy and Bebe

Me and Peanut

Stop licking me Peanut!

I love to roll in the sand!

Piggy taking Bebe for a stroll at the beach.

Unleashed! I am free!

Peanut exploring the beach

Breed:Silky Terrier
Gender: Male
Age: 5.5
About me: I love to go to the beach. I like to swim.
My favourite treat is Science Diet Doggy treats.
I am fussy. I have to sleep on the bed in air conditional room.
I wear pyjamas to sleep. I take my afternoon nap on the couch.
I don't like children. I hate being alone.
If you ignore me I am going to be angry.
I pee and poo on your bed if you make me angry.
I do trading (give me treats if you want your mobile phone back!)
I can do tricks such as squat, roll, bang and fetch keys.
I love to kiss, can i kiss you?

Breed: Mongrel
Gender: Female
About me: I love people.
I do not like to share my food or toys with other dogs, especially Peanut.
I like to chew on bones.
I love to eat. I can finish a whole pack of treats in a flash.
Please pick up my bone for me if I drop it.
I hate people who push me off the couch or bed when I am resting, I get angry.
I am active. I need to have my daily walk at the park.

What is Peanut trying to do?

Please give us treats!

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