Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tampines 1

Went to Tampines 1 with Joanna yesterday. From our work place at Upper Jurong, all the way to Tampines! I know it's crazy.. We got there at about 7.30pm. Guess what was the first shop we went in? Uniqlo! I didn't get to look at the clothing the other time as it was closing when i got there. We went into the shop and found out most of the clothings had ran out of sizes or totally sold out.. :( They were all left with either size M or L and i wear a size S, so we didn't managed to get any stuff from there. We went for dinner instead as we were really hungry!! We had lunch at around 12pm! We decided to eat at Carl's Junior. When we got there,it was packed with people, there were totally no seats at all! The restaurant was really small. Piggy came to look for me as he was working nearby.. :D He couldn't sit down with us as there were no seats.. :( he said " I am going back to work" and then "bye" -_-""""""""""

We later went into Mitju and I bought a really cute pair of flats.. it is pink in colour with animal prints.. I love dogs! It has mainly cat prints and some dog prints.. cute isn't it? I really like it!

Joanna! Let's go to Tampines 1 again! I hope they have a Tampines 2! :D

Portabello mushroom burger with chilli beef fries. Yum!