Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My PSP has a new look!

My boring pink PSP finally has a new look! :D I had pasted a skin that I had bought from istyle a couple of days ago! Yeahhhh! I love the new look! It totally matches my pink buttons! It even comes along with a free matching background wallpaper! Actually I had wanted to order new skins for my iPhone and saw many pretty PSP skins and I knew I had to get one.
I also ordered a skin for Kim's new 4th Gen ipod and a sleeve. In the end I ordered two iphone skins, one PSP skin, one iPod skin and a sleeve which cost me more than $70! It is worth it as i really love the skins. It helps to spice up the boring colour as well as protect from scratches. I had ordered a skin for my iPod some time ago and decided to get one for my iPhone as well! Here it is:

My istyle parcel is finally here!

My iPhone Skull blue skin
I had also ordered a leopard spots skin which will only arrive after 6 to 12 days!
I can't wait!!

Kim's iPod Cheetah spots skin.

Kim's iPod Sleeve.
She simply love it.

New heart to heart skin for my PSP!!
The colour I saw on the website was light blue however when I received it, it was green!!
Anyway it still looked good!


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