Monday, July 20, 2009

I got iphone.

No I didn't purchase the new iphone. Piggy did. Piggy had given me his old iphone. What is the reason? Firstly I didn't want to spend $288. Secondly I don't need the extra new functions of compass, voice control, video recording or bigger space of 16G. I am satisfied with 8G. I still miss my old phone actually. Miss the buttons. Yes the buttons. My sms hit more than 1000 a month. Somewhat I enjoyed smsing. Now i have no more buttons. My fingers cried for smsing once in a while. You won't believe it.

Now back to iphone. I love my iphone more each day. I had more than 20 applications now. One of my favourite application game is Sally Spa. I love the game so much I had purchased it at a mere US$0.99! It is having a sale now. I am so going to complete all 50 levels!!

Some of the games I also enjoyed were Tap Tap Revenge though I got a little giddy after playing for too long and Sneeizes, it is so cute!

I had also found some marvalous must have applications such as SGSales, icab, Hungry?, Puri!, Keeper,Pixelpipe,transGuide, Dictionary, Wikipanion, SGMalls, Polarize and not forgetting my Facebook, Twitterific and ebuddy! Love them all!!

Ever wonder how to upload ringtones into iphone?

Well, you need a ringtone converter in this case! I seriously had no idea how to get ringtones until Piggy told me i need a converter. You need not dl a converter however just visit this website:

I was browsing for a ringtone converter and found this fabulous website for converting ringtones. This is the best ringtone converter webisite ever! You can convert all mp3 to ringtones right at this website. That's not all! You can even search for ringtones. They have the lastest ringtones! What you need to do is to upload the ringtone to your itunes! Now who say uploading ringtones is difficult?

Lastly, trying out my iphone camera! :D


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