Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Finally, uploaded some new photos :D
It was Mummy's birthday yesterday! We had a celebration at Great World City Imperial Treasure. Happy Birthday Mummy! I love you! Stay pretty! :D

My beautiful Mummy.

Mummy making a wish....I wondered what she wish for! Gee..

Blowing out the candles! Mummy was thinking we should
placed the candles in a row so she could blow out the candles easily! LOL!

Cutting the cake

Birthday cake from Sweet Secrets. It was really delicious!
It actually melts in your mouth like ice cream! Yummy!

Mouth watering salted egg prawn.
This is the best dish of the night!
Overall the food was alright. I gave it a 3 stars our of 5. I didn't enjoyed the scallop and crab roe soup though. It was pretty bland.
We didn't ordered fish as the fish in the aquarium looked ill. :(
Their skin was peeling off and some was even dying!
It was really sad and no way we would eat them.

Now time for some camwhoring!

Piggy acting cool. Again.

Kim showing off her brand new YSL bag

Now time for a group photo! Cheese!

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