Thursday, July 16, 2009

I love dramas

Wasn't really in the mood to do some serious blogging recently as I was down with a high fever and cold. I had fever for the whole of three days before it subsided. Didn't have much time to meet up with Piggy and stayed home even I was on a two days leave! Didn't get to go anywhere so no exciting posts. :( Had returned to work since Wednesday. Went home straight after work to finished up my Love or Bread Taiwan drama. That was how I came up with the song and the questions. Do you have an answer by now? Love or Bread?! Hah! The show was fantastic. Super romantic and sweet! Love it. Is currently watching another Korean drama now, also another great love story. I love romance shows. I wondered if it really happen in real life? Hmm... really have some great shows for downloading. Check out the website if you are bored or a super big fan of Korean, Taiwan, Japan dramas. They also have a large variety of movies to choose from. Each episode is an hour long. So say bye to the laggy youtube short videos! You need to get an QvodPlayer before you can download the shows. Forget to mention the website is in Mandarin and you can only download the shows using Internet Explorer and avoid using Mozilla Firefox. It doesn't work. Happy Watching!

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