Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nail Collection 1 & 2

Meet Piggy at IMM for dinner today and happened to find these Nail Collection books in Daiso. They are only at $2 each. Each book has about 32 pages each showing tools used for manicure and different types of nail art design. There are a total of 4 books. I bought only 2 of them as there wasn't book 3 and 4 available. I will be going back another day to check as I wanted to collect them all. Book 1 is a beginner book. It shows you what are the tools needed for manicure, how you go about doing it and simple nail art designs (French, Border and Dot). I find the book really cool and worth the price. Though they were in Japanese but there were loads of pictures provided. Book 2 basically has more complicated nail art designs( Seal, Lace and Stone).

I go for mani and pedicure however only once in a while as they are pricey, usually for occasions or my nails really need a make over, els DIY is a better choice. I actually have a huge collection of mani and pedicure stuff at home. I enjoy buying them however I don't use them as I have no time. Now I have the time and I am going to try it out, will upload photos when I am finished. Hope it turns out good.

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