Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm back blogging again! For a period of time I was tired of blogging, in fact really busy. I simply have no mood to blog. Right now I am looking for a job so here am I! I hope I can find a job real soon as I am really boredddd at home!!! When I am working I feel like resting and when I am not working I feel bored. Sigh. I can't denied I had a good break!! For the past two weeks I had been practicing piano, catching up with my friends, slacking at home with my lappie, tv and dog and playing badminton! I had played twice in two weeks so far. The feeling of perspiring was great!! I haven't had a good exercise for a long while. I need to burn some fats!! Pig had been complaining of me being fat! :( Bad piggy! I admit I eat lots but I am not fat right? Hehe..

Just attended my sis Kim's wedding. My sis is married!! I couldn't believe it. It all happened too fast. Missed the days we argued and fought. We fought over almost everything. The aircon, bathroom, clothings, phone, everything you can find in the house! It was really funny and now she is married and there is no one to fight with me. Is that good or bad? Good -I can have the whole room by myself. Bad- I have no one to talk to. Nevertheless, I wish her all the best! The wedding is held at Suntec Convention on last Saturday.

I will be back for more posts! :)

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  1. omg yay! cant wait for more of your posts!! :D