Thursday, May 20, 2010

My blog has a new look!!

Just updated my blog, changed the background as well as the header! I love my header!!!! Thanks to my dear friend Stephanie for making such a chio header for me. Thanks gal! Love ya! I know nothing about photoshop and does not have the program. I was getting sick of my old background and header. The background seems dull and the headers seems small and the more I look at it the more boring it is, however I really love those pictures. I had decided to put only two photos this time, me and my darling, peanut as he is so cuteeee. He is not wearing a pink costume however yellow, a traditional Chinese costume. The picture was taken during Chinese New Year this year. I had steph to change it for me so it matches my pink header! He is no girly. I had also placed a bow on him. I love his new look. He looked so cute and handsome don't you think so?

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