Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My new obsession

Yea, recently watched boys over flowers and fell in love with them. I simply love the show. However the part that I love most was the four good looking korean actors! They are Kim Bum, Kim Jun, Lee Min Ho and Hyun Joong (I just can't pronounce his name!) Out of the four handsome guys, I love Lee Min Ho most, he acted as Jun Pyo in the show. He is just so cute!! Of course my piggy is also cute. Hee. I also like Hyun Joong. He is such a gentle and sweet guy (in the show). I am obsessed with their songs and stuff. The songs were really nice!! I just love yearning of the heart, lucky and a song by someday, not sure of the title.
I really love Korean dramas, though they are loud and talks only about material stuffs and fantasy, I still love them. It is great to get out of the reality once in a while and fantasize about being a princess, having good looking guys and living in a huge mansion.

By the way Lee Min Ho is coming to Singapore on the 24th of Oct! To be able to attend Lee Min Ho's house party and signing event, you need to have a ticket! You got to purchase $15 worth of products from Etude house to entitle to a scratch card. I purchased $30 worth of stuff and got two scratch cards, but sadly, I didn't win! :~( I've got a free Lee Min Ho's folder, fan and some Etude House's face mask though. You get them free with any purchase. I bought some face masks and a hand cream. Not sure if they are good, have not tried using this brand before as I am using Laneige's products currently. Korea products such as Laneige, Skin Food and Etude are selling at a much more cheaper price in Korea. Be sure to get loads of them if you visit Korea!

Etude House face masks, hand cream, Lee Min Ho's fan and folders.

Scratch card you can get with every purchase of $15.
Mine said Sorry. :~( I didn't win!

When you see cat faces on your scratch card, you won!
One cat: Etude House Party Ticket
Two cats: Party Ticket + Lee Min Ho Signing Event at Plaza Singapura
Three Cats: Party Ticket+ Party Event Q&A time with Lee Min Ho
Four Cats: Best of all! Party Ticket+VIP time with Lee Min Ho at Plaza Singapura!!! OMG!

Till next time Lee Min Ho!

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