Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Peanut!

Peanut is 6 years old! Time files really fast. I could still remember the first day he came home. He was a cute, furry and black puppy! He changed the colour of his fur overtime, to grey and brown. Here are some photos and video clips taken on his birthday.

It's my birthday!

I am a lucky dog!

I have rawhides, greenies, cookies, muffin, pudding and chicken, vegetable treats and a new giraffe toy!
And guess what? I only like greenies and rawhide. I don't like the rest of the snacks! I am a fussy pooch!

My new giraffe toy. Cute?


I can't wait any longer! I am going to take some treats!

Yipee! I got one!

A video clip of Peanut having his birthday treats!
Peanut: How do you want me to eat my egg pudding?
I like to have the pudding in my bowl please! No. I am not fussy at all.

That's better!

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