Wednesday, September 23, 2009

F1 outside my workplace!

F1 racers right outside my workplace!!! My workplace had recently built a $2m race track. The Kartright Speedway. I could actually see the race track from my windows. Imagine that! The race track used to be a golf club previously. A group of veteran go-karters had decided to built a race track. The race track will be officially opened on the 1st October this year. The track is opened to public (from $30 per 10 minute slot) as well as competitive karters who have their own machines ($60 per three-hour session). The race track will also run a karting academy for children and hold national races.

I had captured these photos using my iphone as my camera battery is dead! I could't take a video or zoom! There was an event going on today at the race track. I thought they were just having a test drive till the country club staff had told me they were the F1!!! I couldn't hear the announcements they were making as the engines were roaring away. I was trying really hard to hear who were the racers and I heard Sebastian. I had watch F1 race previously on tv and it is really exciting to watch live! There will be more events coming up and I hope to see the F1 again and I am so going to try out the race track!! I can't wait! By the way F1 is having a race in Singapore on the 27th this month!

Lots of spectators

Racers getting ready


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