Monday, September 21, 2009

Which way to go?

What had I been up to lately? I am not sure either. Felt like a lost sheep. Totally unsure of what I am going or suppose to do. I was really into making of clay accessories one minute and another minute I lost interest. I am pretty sure I will be interested again. Since I really like handicrafts. I am thinking of taking up some classes, piano, amore and driving. I am still thinking till now. It seems like I had decided. I will be starting classes real soon! Basically I am bored, free and being too free sometimes my mind can play tricks on me. It's better if I am occupied. Perhaps it can bring more meaning into my life. What is life exactly about? Work? Family? Love? Friends? Enjoyment?
I am confused. I am still searching.
By the way I went for a badminton game with Samantha and friends yesterday. It was great. I felt I weigh 10kg lighter after the game! All my stress and worries seems to had disappeared for that instant. I felt even better this morning with all the body aches. My muscles had been working and tells me I haven't been exercise for ages! I am going for another game soon.

After that we went Holland Village Breko for a snack.

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