Monday, August 31, 2009

Waraku with Rila and kkuma

Meet up Sam and the rest for dinner at Waraku yesterday. Wasn't really looking forward to the dinner as I had too much of Japanese food this month. Though my poor tummy is protesting, I had fun >.<

My first Rilakkuma toy, kkuma. Got it from the arcade. We spent $20 trying to fish it out from the claw machine. Samantha had one too, she spent only $10!! How lucky was she?

Me with kkuma

Samantha with her Rila.

Samantha all dressed up in black.

Me dressed up in all Korean that day. Love my loots from Zipia!
Shoes from Mphosis.

Some random shots with Rila and kkuma cause they were too cute!

Stephanie and I

The girls, Sandy, Stephanie and Samantha.
The three "s".

kkuma and Rila.

My favourite Agedeshi Tofu!

Samantha's Katsu set.

Fried mini prawns.
They were really crispy!

Samantha and I

My Sukiyaki Udon set.

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