Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Yiying!

It is Yiying's birthday and we, 6C (Yiying, Kim Hong, Lynna, Doreen, Serene and Me, we were secodary school buddies and we called ourselves 6C, which actually means 6 Chio Bu!(Pretty girls) Haha!) gathered at Lot 1's Dian Xiao Er for the celebration! We had a sumptuous dinner of the famous herbal roasted duck,cereal prawn, stir-fry fish fillet and stir-fry crocodile! Guess what? We even ordered crocodile soup! It was my first time trying crocodile meat and soup! Crocodile soup is really nutritious and good for general health purposes. The crocodile meat is really tough and tasted like chicken! I didn't really like it.hot
After the dinner, we went to a cafe to have some derserts. Couldn't remember the name! They sell cold deserts like snow ice, puddings and hot deserts. We ordered snow ice.
While enjoying our snow ice, Yiying's bf actually came to surprise her with a huge bouquet of flowers and a birthday cake!

Here it is! The nutritious crocodile soup with cordyceps.
Cordyceps is also known as "worms in winter (Dong Cong Chao)"
It is a fungus (mushroom) that grows on the back of the larvae of a caterpillar from the moth Hepialus Armoricanus Oberthuer found mainly in China, Nepal and Tibet.

Plum and Lime Juice

Me and my secondary school besti, Serene!

Bouquet of teddies and styrofoam flowers. Aren't the teddies adorable??
There were six of them!

Lynna actually suggeseted us to take one teddies each as there were 6 of them!
I choose the one with the pink nose, the first one on the left.


Yiying and her bf.

Snow ice
Green tea, chocolate, kiwi, black sesame and mango!
I had mango and I like the black sesame and chocolate best!

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