Sunday, August 16, 2009


Just like any Saturdays I met up with Piggy, we went Tampines 1 Kim Gary for dinner and teadot for a drink.

Cirtus and Violet Dream tea from teadot. Recommended by Piggy.
Citrus had a strong lemon taste and was really refreshing. I like it. Piggy didn't likeit though, he tasted
ginger in it. I thought it was okay. Violet Dream is earl grey with bergamot. It is slightly bitter and had a strong lavender taste.
Great place to chill especially after a heavy dinner.

Random shot of Piggy. Love the way how he poses.

Leopard print rocks.

My splurge of the day


  1. Did u try the TEADOT outlet at ILUMA@Bugis?
    - It's more cozy & romantic..IMO

  2. Is there an outlet at Bugis? I will try there one of these days. Thanks!

  3. LEOPARD prints!! NICE.

    How's the coverage for the LANCOME foundation?

  4. It was good for my dry skin, not sure of how it will work on oily skin. The powder is really fine and smooth. Powder is light, initial coverage was great, however didn't last as long as I expected.