Sunday, March 22, 2009

Seafood Paradise. Singapore Flyer. Swensens

Went to Singapore Flyer's seafood paradise yesterday for a dinner with my piggy and family. The food was great! We went on the Singapore Flyer right after with my parents and piggy. Just the four of us in the capsule! It was a great experience and I took a whole lot of photos! :D The night view of Singapore is beautiful. Piggy and me went to swensens later on for a bite and I had a sticky chewy chocolate sundae, my all time favourite! Great saturday!

On our way to the Singapore Flyer

Great scenary outside

At Seafood Paradise

Butter crab with man tou.

Black pepper crab

Drunken prawns. The prawns are really fresh. They seperated the soup

and the prawns.

Our first dish, Seafood soup in coconut. Soup is yummy with bits of prawns in it.
I didn't really like this as I don't really enjoy drinking soup!

My Jie Elaine and her boyfriend Kenny

My mei Kim and her boyfriend Jensen

Mummy and Daddy!

Me and Piggy!


  1. lovely couples with lovely food o(^-^)o
    btw, my name is spelled as Bernice (*^ー^)ノ

  2. Thanks!! The food is great you can go there one of these days.. :) Sorry about the name. I had changed it!