Monday, March 23, 2009

I got a new lappie!

Recently just brought a new Acer Aspire One lappie from the IT fair. It is a mini notebook which comes with a 10" screen. Yes. 10". Initially I was not at all convinced with buying a mini notebook. I mean what can a mini laptop do? After trying out for a couple of weeks, I am totally in love with it! Performance is great and battery life is fantastic. It is light weight, extremely portable and great for travelling. It has great features from webcam to bluetooth. So if you are tired of lugging a heavy laptop around, this is the one for you. The only negative is that it does not come with a DVD drive. I brought an external DVD drive and it works perfectly. I absolutely love it and simply have nothing els to ask for. Who say small is useless?


  1. LOL. Glad that u got one mini notebook for urself. Ur house com is dying isn't it?! HAHA

  2. It almost as good as dead. The battery is dead, the blue error screen appears every 10 minutes and you have to restart all over again. It is slow as a snail or slower! I gave up and brought a new lappie! Anyone who use my old lappie must have great patience! I am a person with good patience however it's running out using the old lappie! You know how bad that lappie is!

  3. Yup understood completely! LOL (●ノ∀`●)