Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

This year Christmas was a pretty good one. I got to meet up with my ex colleagues, Selene and Joanna, was really glad to see them again. Really missed them loads. We met up in town for dinner to exchange Christmas prezzies. I got a photo album from Joanna and mini dress with hooks that I can put my accessories. It was really cute. I gave them a fondue set each. Hope you girls like it! Cause I like it! LOL! I really love fondue. Basically I love chocolate. What happy was I met up with Piggy on Christmas eve. :D Piggy was on leave. We went to Dozo for dinner. It was a restaurant that I had mentioned to him before which was nice. :) We went home to exchanged prezzies after that. I really like the prezzie. Thanks Piggy. You are really sweet! :) Hope you like my prezzie too. I hope we can celebrate every Christmas together. I love you Piggy.

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