Friday, November 20, 2009

Langkawi- Sand . Sun . Sea

Went to Langkawi with Piggy during our 6th Anniversary. Had a great time relaxing at the beach. Beautiful water and sand. Weather wasn't as beautiful though. The rain couldn't stop. One minute it was rainy another minute was sunny. How unpredictable! That was the reason for $50 air ticket. The transitional season. I had my first attempt on the jet ski. 30 minutes of excitement and a day of sunburn plus perhaps a year of tanned skin. Sigh.
Didn't mentioned I got attacked by a mysterious bug in the resort. I totally fre*ked out. I didn't dare even looked at the bug. Piggy had covered it with MY towel and dumped it together with MY lovely shell I had picked at the shore onto the balcony. I ended up throwing away both the towel and shell. I enjoyed visiting the underwater world and riding the cable car. The animals were cute and the cable car ride was cool. Breathtaking scenery. Didn't get to snorkel or dive. Am going back there one day just to snorkel and dive and perhaps para-sailing? Alright Piggy? Piggy I hope we have more anniversary to come and we can go travel again. :) Love ya Piggy. :*

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